Top pet-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle


There’s little doubt that Seattle is a great place to live. But did you know that it’s an excellent city for pets, too? Statistics have shown that there are more dogs in the city than children! So it makes sense that the city has plenty of amenities for you and your pet to enjoy together, from dining to shopping to playing. In fact, people who currently live in Seattle say there is no “bad” neighborhood for pet owners. It’s easy to believe that, considering dogs are also allowed on Seattle’s buses.

Of course, some parts of the city are better to live in with your pet than others, which is why you should always do your research before signing a lease on a new place. Make sure you and your furry friend have fulfilled any and all of the necessary requirements before moving in; it will make settling in that much easier. Check out the following neighborhoods in Seattle – they’re among the most pet-friendly!

Belltown. Located in downtown Seattle, Belltown is considered one of the main entertainment hubs in the city. There are plenty of music venues, bars, and clubs here to keep your weekend action-packed. But you’ll find great amenities for pets here as well. Regrade Park is perhaps the main off-leash dog park in the area, offering enough space for your pooch to get his daily requirement of physical activity. If you and your pet are in the mood to just relax, you can head over, and actually into, Belltown Pub together. Not only does this place allow dogs inside, it even offers a special menu for dogs, which includes different varieties of kibble for your four-legged friend to dine upon. When you put it all together, you have a really intriguing option for pet-friendly living.

Ravenna. If you like being close to the action, but still want to be able to retreat home and be out of the commotion, consider Ravenna. This neighborhood, which is near the bustle of busier neighborhoods like the U-District and Greenlake, stays quiet despite its great location. This is particularly great for people whose pets behave better in low-key environments, but who don’t want to sacrifice all the human amenities the city has to offer. With wooded parks like Ravenna/Cowen Park, there’s plenty of space to make sure your pet is getting the proper amount of exercise. To help gear up for these workout sessions, you and your furry friend can head to Health Mutt, one of the neighborhood’s top independent pet stores. After your outdoor romp is complete, make your way to the Duchess Tavern for a cold beer and a few games of shuffleboard. Like the Belltown Pub, this bar allows leashed dogs inside during non-peak hours. With so much to offer to both you and your pet, Ravenna really is the best of both worlds.

Visit these Seattle neighborhoods today to get a better idea about which one is better for you and your pet!

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  • September 28th, 2016
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