dogs bed

Making your apartment safe for your pet

  Having a furry friend around can result in a lasting and unique bond, but it’s also a big responsibility! The last thing you want to do is put your pet in danger. You might think your apartment is totally safe for your pet, and it very well could be!… Read more

growing herbs

Joining a community garden

Gardening is a fun and highly rewarding hobby that many people enjoy. If you have the commitment to tending to your plants regularly and the willingness to learn on the fly, you too can cultivate a beautiful collection of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. But one major roadblock to creating… Read more

Green Cosmetics

How to shop for earth friendly beauty products

  With environmental protection a hot-button issue, consumers are more concerned than ever about their purchases’ impact on the planet. Still, it can be hard to decide on the right environmentally friendly product if you haven’t shopped for them before. This is especially true for beauty products, where product labeling… Read more

Plastic Bottle Processing

How to Recycle your life

With environmental protection and climate change both hot-button issues, it’s important to carefully assess the contributions you make toward preserving the planet for future generations. One place to start is with how much waste you produce. Taking a close look at what you buy—and what you throw away—can give you… Read more

Mason Jars

How to make your own snow globes out of mason jars

Is there anything more magical than a snow globe? With a few twists of your wrist, you can put a serene setting under blizzard-like conditions. Watching the “snowflakes” swirl around rapidly and then fall calmly to the bottom is something that never gets old. But have you ever wanted to… Read more