woman working out

6 Lifehacks to keep your workout routine

Having a workout routine can do wonders for your health. To maximize this effect, though, you really have to stick with it. Below are six great ways you can stay committed to your workout regimen. 1) Set small, achievable goals. Saying you want to drop five pants sizes or be… Read more

woman doing a push up

5 Ways to push past a workout plateau

It’s happened to just about everyone who exercises regularly — the dreaded plateau. That familiar feeling of stalled progress when yourbody is no longer responds to diet and exercise. You know you’ve arrived at such a place if you’re not gaining muscle, losing weight or improving your endurance. If and… Read more

dogs walking

5 Ways to burn extra calories when walking your dog

Much like their humans, dogs need physical activity to stay healthy. Going on a walk is just one of the ways to achieve this. Regular walks are a great way to maintain your current fitness, but if you’re looking to take it to the next level, you may have to… Read more

Fitness Class

5 Fitness classes you should experiment with

We all want to be at our healthiest, and getting the proper amount of physical activity is a crucial part of that. But if you’re a beginner or if you’re just getting back into a regular workout routine, it can be hard to stay motivated. One good way to stay… Read more

woman meditating

4 Meditation routines you want to try

Meditation is an ancient practice that’s enjoying something of a renaissance these days. Scientific evidence supports its relaxing effects, supporting its relaxing effects can, but it can hard to find an entry point into this practice. Here are four approaches to meditation to consider. 1) Focused attention meditation. A basic meditation… Read more