3 Day Weekend trips you can take without planning

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Traveling is one of the great joys of life. There’s nothing quite like getting away from the comfortable confines of home for a while and visiting places new and old. Even if you’re short on time, there are still plenty of great ways you can fit in a whole vacation. Below are just a few ideas for a quick and simple three-day getaway to get you started.

Travel to a concert. If your favorite band or artist is going to play a venue that’s too far away for a day trip, why not turn it into a long weekend? Despite the heavy touring musical acts do these days, you can’t be sure they’ll be back in your area any time soon. Take advantage of the chance to see them, and check out the surrounding culture of the city or town they’re playing in while you’re there. It’s a low-key way to have a surprisingly good time!

Take a road trip to a festival. Every summer, festivals of all kinds happen all over the country. Take a regional road trip to a festival you’ve always wanted to check out. Make things extra interesting by opting to not travel and attend the festival in the same day. This not only gives you a chance to breathe, but to explore your new surroundings, which can lead to new experiences you might not have previously thought about!

Visit a city you’ve never been to. Speaking of new surroundings, when was the last time you spent some time in a new city? We’re not talking about the trips you had to make for work where you were hunkered down in an office, we mean spending time sampling local fare, absorbing the culture, and putting fun-filled miles on those walking shoes. It might be just the thing you need to feel rejuvenated.

See a friend you haven’t visited in a while. Few things can rekindle an old friendship like spending a few days together. Plan a weekend of catching up, either in their city or in a city that’s new to both of you. Perhaps you can agree on doing an activity you both used to enjoy together as a way to break the ice and remind you of the old times.

Rent an Airbnb, just for fun. Taking a trip is all about getting away. Airbnbs provide a great way to do that for an affordable price, especially if you’re only staying for a few days. Where you decide to stay doesn’t have to be that far away from home — just different enough to give you some exploring to do. If you live in a major city, you can try staying in a different neighborhood and getting to know the streets, parks, restaurants, shops and theaters a bit better.

Just pack up and go! You don’t need any plans for this idea. Simply pack your bags with enough supplies to get you through a long weekend and start driving! This kind of adventure requires a good GPS so that you’re never truly lost, and always have the ability to redirect your journey somewhere more fun. Just be sure not to drive too far from your home, otherwise you might find yourself calling out of work for an extra day (not that that’s actually a bad thing!)


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  • May 17th, 2017
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