5 Grill toys that will impress your friends at your next BBQ


Nothing says “summertime” like a good cookout. And if you fancy yourself a grillmaster, there’s no better time to show off your cooking skills. But before you get the grill ready, you might want to check your accessories first. Do you have everything you need to make your barbecue as tasty as it can be? Take a look at the list of five grilling gadgets that will not only do that, they’ll make you the envy of all your friends.

  1. High-end tongs. You can’t start a great grilling session without a set of sturdy tongs. But don’t just opt for strength, go for a pair that will make the work of grilling easier for you. Tongs like the Grill Wrangler do more than just help you grasp your meat and vegetables — they can actually be used as a fork, or even a spatula. With this in hand, you’ll look like a legendary grill wizard.
  1. The Grillbot. We would venture to guess that not even the most die-hard grillers enjoy the tedium of scrubbing the grates once the cooking is done. That’s where this handy little device steps in. This battery-powered robot uses stiff wire brushes to do all of the scrubbing for you. With a built-in timer function that lasts up to 30 minutes, it is one tool that doesn’t mind doing the dirty work.
  1. A bacon rack. Bacon makes everything better, even barbecues. A proper rack allows you to cook strips of bacon to perfection with minimal effort. Look for one made out of stainless steel because it will withstand the heat of your grill. A rack that comes with its own drip pan is your best bet. It’ll keep the bacon grease from falling between the grates, which can make for a hazardous situation.
  1. The Range Thermometer. If there’s one thing on this list that is a virtual must-buy, it’s this. The difference between serving perfectly cooked meats and overcooked hockey pucks lies in having a good thermometer. This particular model is especially useful because it has its own app that will alert you when your meat needs to come off of the grill. Its low-profile design is easy to use, too.
  1. The Grill Light. Your late-night snack options just got a whole lot more interesting. If you’ve ever craved those delicious grill marks after the sun has gone down, this light can help make it happen. It hooks onto the handle of your grill, and uses powerful LEDs to shine a beacon down on your grill, allowing you to focus on cooking round two for your guests. No more trying to juggle a flashlight with your tongs, and no more accidentally burning your meats to a crisp. However, be warned: once you have this tool, there’s really no reason you can’t grill at any time, and that’s a big responsibility to handle!


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  • May 17th, 2017
  • Posted in: Avalon