5 DIY gift wrap ideas

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Everybody loves receiving gifts. Sometimes the presents you receive aren’t exactly what you had in mind, but as the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts.” One way to show your thoughtfulness in gift-giving is to wrap every present with something special. Going beyond the generic paper (or – gasp – newspaper!) is a great way to add pizzaz to whatever you are celebrating. Here are some useful ideas on how to create DIY gift wrap with your own personal touch.

Create custom patterns and designs with tape. You can jazz up plain paper by artfully placing colored tape in patterns and shapes that you design. Working with washi tape is an elegant and fun way to show how much you care. Duct tape is a bit more difficult to use, but if you are particularly skilled with it, you can create some really wonderful gift bags that can almost act as an extra gift in and of themselves.

Print your own at home. When combined with the virtual designing power that even the most basic laptops have, almost anyone can digitally create their own wrapping paper designs and print them out without having to go anywhere. This process can be as simple as creating a grid of photos or drawings on the computer, and then printing it out on 8.5×11 sheets of paper. The thinner the grade of paper, the better, as it is the easiest to wrap with, though normal printer paper will work fine in a pinch. This is an ideal solution for smaller gifts, or if you work better crafting something on the computer than with your hands.

Stamp it on. When it comes to crafting, few things are simpler to use than ink stamps. A few simple stamps, when used together, can help you create intricate and exciting patterns that your recipients may want to hold on to for longer than your average wrapping paper. This is also a great way to get kids involved in wrapping presents, and can instill the spirit of giving in them from an early age.

Cut it out. If you wield scissors well, you can create wrapping paper in two ways. The first and arguably easier way is to simply cut construction paper into shapes and glue them onto plain thin paper, creating a unique design every time. The more complex way would be to first wrap your gift in that plain paper, then take colored paper and fold it. Then cut shapes out of the colored paper the same way you would to make snowflake designs. You can then layer this paper over the plain paper for an eye-catching look.

Chalk it up. Using black chalkboard paper on its own might not sound like the most interesting thing, but if you invest in some festive stencils and colorful chalk, it can make for fun styles that everyone can enjoy.

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  • August 23rd, 2016
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