Is Granny Gray the right hair color for you

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From the Kar-Jenner clan to Ciara and Zosia Mamet, it seems like everyone is embracing the Silver Fox trend right now. Going gray used to be no more than a side effect of aging, something to be avoided at all costs. But today, gray and silver hair tones have taken over the runway, the pages of magazines, and the photos on celebrity style blogs. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and going glossy-gray, refer to this guide first to find out if #grannygray is really the right hair color for you.


Yes if…

  • You don’t mind some maintenance. Yes, shiny gray locks look totally stunning—see Rihanna or Hailey Baldwin’s transformations for proof. But when you don’t have an entire team dedicated to your hair, the process of keeping it perfectly gray can become overwhelming. Like anytime you color your hair, going gray requires a lot of upkeep, so be ready to schedule repeat visits to your stylist or perform regular touch-ups at home when you take the plunge.
  • You’re ready for a drastic change. Dyeing your hair gray isn’t quite like getting highlights or trying a new shade of auburn. Going gray is going to turn heads, and it might require a big haircut, too (more on that in a sec), so make sure you are ready to really mix up your look before you order your stylist to break out the gray dye.
  • You’re a celeb trend junkie. As we already mentioned, and as you probably noticed yourself, starlets are jumping on the gray-hair trend. If you’re the type of person who always knows exactly what’s going on with Taylor Swift and subscribes to People’s Snap Story, then you’re probably ready to be part of this burgeoning Hollywood trend.


No if…

  • You like your locks long and soft. Anytime you dye your hair, you’re risking damage, but particularly when you cover it in a completely new color. This is because you have to bleach your tresses first, which takes a toll on each strand. The damage could lead to breakage, which means dyeing your hair gray often requires a haircut to get rid of the dry, dead ends. This could just be a simple trim, but in some cases you should be prepared to lose length. If you like your locks long, then you may want to steer clear of this trend.
  • You prefer to blend into the crowd. Whereas unnatural blondes and brunettes can usually pass for the real thing, it’s going to be pretty obvious that your gray hair didn’t come about naturally. So if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of eyes being on you in the subway or out at happy hour, gray hair might not be the best style choice for you, since it does tend to draw attention, or at least second glances, when on a younger person.
  • You’re new to coloring. If you’ve never so much as highlighted your hair, going gray right out of the gate could be a bit too drastic. You might want to ease into it with some lighter-toned highlights before going full Silver Fox.

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