6 Ways to turn social media photos into apartment decorations

Social Media Photos

In one way or another, many of us document our lives on social media. A big part of that lies in photographs. Most people these days have a sophisticated camera right in their pocket, which gives us the chance to capture virtually any moment of our lives. And in a way, this is also art. Through trial and error, people develop their own personal photography styles, and that’s something to celebrate. One way you can do that is through bringing your online photos offline and into your home decor. Use the following six ways to turn your Instagrams and Facebook pics into apartment decorations you will love.

1. Tape them up. This super simple method can also be super beautiful when you use washi tape, the ribbon-like Japanese masking tape that’s ideal for DIY projects. Pick a washi pattern that fits the decor of the room, and create frames for each photo using tape that will stick right to the wall. For a more minimalist approach, you can create photo-booth style lines with the tape, linking one photo up to the next vertically.

2. Hang them (not too) high. No matter how you decide to display your social media pictures, you’re going to want to make sure they are in the lines of sight. If you’re framing these pictures the old-school way, make sure they hang only slightly above your furniture, no more than two feet. After all, you should be proud of your photography prowess, so make them as easy to see as possible!

3. Put them in a book. Whether it’s a binder, a journal, or a scrapbook, collecting your photos in volumes is a great way to document periods of time and help tell the story of you. Keep it out on a coffee or end table for everyone to enjoy, or display your favorite pages with the book spread on a shelf.

4. Collage. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can cut, paste, and tape your way to a composite image. This is no small task, but can look positively stunning in a living room. This would definitely be the thing to frame and hang, as you don’t want any accidents to happen to all your hard work!

5. Resurface your table or desk. If your workspace is looking a little bland, or your table needs a style upgrade, create a collage or grid of your photos on top of it! Place a piece of heavy glass that covers the entire surface so that things will stay in place, yet still be removable. Plastic surface covers can work for this, too. For a more permanent solution, glue them directly onto the table, then lacquer the top.

6. Magnetize them. Personalize your fridge, filing cabinet, or any metal surface with this idea. While you could outsource this work to a company that will print up your photos onto magnets, you could easily create picture magnets all your own by following one of the numerous sets of DIY instructions that are out there. Pick a project that suits your taste and get to gluing!

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  • January 18th, 2017
  • Posted in: AVA, DIY