6 Places besides the fridge to display kid art

Kid Art

Whether you’re a parent, or you have a special kid in your life, you most likely have numerous drawings, paintings and other creations that the child created and gave to you. It’s important to nurture their creativity, and part of that is displaying the child’s art. There’s always the refrigerator, but why not take it a step further? Below are six different ways to show off the work of the kids in your life.

  1. Framed corkboard. You could frame each piece of kid art as it comes your way, but as we know, young artists can be prolific, shunning their previous work immediately upon creating something new. To keep things looking neat while still displaying the latest and greatest from these creative minds, frame corkboard instead. That way, when the kids decide it’s time to go in a new artistic direction, they can just stick it to the board with a simple thumbtack.
  2. Bound as a coffee table book. If you’ve amassed a large amount of artwork from nieces, nephews, or your own children, don’t let it collect dust or tuck it away somewhere. Binding it into a book is an awesome way to commemorate their growth and show your appreciation for them exercising their creativity. Keep it out on your coffee or end table for guests to peruse. As the years go by, you might have several of these artbooks – great for revisiting when they’re all grown up!
  3. Hanging from a wire or curtain rod. Setting this up is simple enough, and is a fantastic way to let them display their work in the way they want even if you’re tight on space.
  4. On a shelf. You can create a little nook just for the young ones’ artwork by strategically placing it on a shelf. If you can’t hang shelves yourself, opt for a small bookcase where you can display the kids’ art rather than books. They will most likely appreciate having their own special spot where their creations can stay.
  5. With clothespins. Anywhere you can fit a clothespin is a great place to hang kid art. Whether it is on a string in a play area, or on a wood board in the kitchen, clothespins will hold each piece in place, without damaging it or taking away from the picture. Experiment with these in different rooms and see what makes the most sense.
  6. With other photos and artwork. Who says you can’t incorporate kids’ creations with those of the pros? This is a great option because it not only creates a diverse and unique look for your collection, it also shows the children that you value their creative efforts and actually enjoy what they’ve created. You might not be able to tell the difference between abstract art and the work of a kid, so play up every piece with proper framing and placement, and take pride in their work!

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