5 Ways to make your bedroom feel like new

Bedroom feel like new

Is your bedroom starting to feel stale? It happens. Every now and again, we all grow tired of the same set-up and crave something new. But it’s not like you have the time (or the money) to go out and completely revamp your room with all new stuff. What to do, then? Well, there are a few ways to breathe new life into your space without spending a ton of money. Try the following five tips out in your bedroom and see what a difference a few changes can make.

Make your bed. This may seem a bit strange. After all, this is such a small change, how could it make any difference? Here’s the thing: if your room tends to be messy, making your bed still gives the environment some semblance of order. Studies have shown that turning this into a habit can actually have a positive effect on your day, so it might be worth a try!

Move the bed. Even though you’ve made the bed, you still might not feel as though it’s making much of a difference. At this point, it’s time to actually move it! A slight shift or twist of the bed might allow you to see the room in a whole new light, which can lead to new possibilities in rearranging (more on this in a bit).

Rearrange. Moving your bed was the first step in this process, but rearranging your room can be such an undertaking, you should only do it if you’re really committed to it. Make sure you have enough time and energy because having to stop in the middle might just leave your room looking like a wreck. Try to have a plan in mind as to how you’d like it to look, and have a tape measure handy in case you need it. Rearranging furniture can be a hassle, but it can give you great results – it’s pretty much the closest you can get to having a new room.

Clear clutter. If you’re not sure why you’re tired of the way your room looks, try cleaning up first. The bedroom has a tendency to be where so much clutter lives, so by breaking that up and getting organized, you can inject new life into your sanctuary. Once you’ve cleared things off your dressers and nightstands and eliminated those piles on the floor, maintain it with daily (or close to daily) upkeep. A tidy bedroom can help you feel less stressed, and maybe even give you a new perspective on your room altogether!

Go green. Incorporating more plants into your bedroom decor can be a wonderful thing. Choose ones that fit the environment of your room; that is, avoid anything too cumbersome that will get in your way, or anything that requires more (or less) light than you’re able to give it. Be sure to take care of them to keep your room looking fresh and happy.

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