5 Ways to create hidden storage in a tight space

Creative Storage

Living in an apartment can be a balancing act. Creating a space that’s beautiful, comfortable, and spacious enough to store all of your things might be a challenge no matter the size of your rooms, or how many you have. It isn’t an impossible task, though. All it takes is a little creative spark to really get the most out of your space. Below are five different ways you can create room for storage that’s out of sight, even when space is tight.

1. Under the bed. Chances are good that you’re probably already storing things under here, but it might be a good time to assess if you could keep more. It’s a good idea to take everything out from underneath your bed and see if it can be organized better. Once you’ve done this, you’ll probably have more room for other things under there. Draping a bed skirt that hangs over the bed to the floor will conceal this storage space perfectly.

2. Use curtains. If you’re able to hang curtain rods up in your rooms, you can easily hide whole walls. Stack plastic storage containers against an undecorated wall, and then put up a curtain with a pattern and color scheme that fits the room. Not only have you created more storage space for yourself, you’ve added an extra touch of character to your decor. Just be sure that whatever you decide to stack is stable enough so that it won’t fall – you don’t want to unintentionally create messes for yourself in the future!

3. Create counter space. When you’re living in a small space, those countertop square inches are at a premium. But you can create some extra space for yourself by building or buying end tables that will fit in any given room. This works in two ways. First, it provides you with more room on top to keep just the things you use regularly within arm’s reach. It also gives you some drawers where you can stash things you don’t use as often, but still want to have on hand.

4. Organize the closet or dresser. Just like you may have found beneath your bed, you may not be maximizing the storage space in your closet and dresser. Organizing this can be quite an undertaking, but it will be worth it when you can hide away things you don’t use often, like folding tables or seasonal decorations.

5. The coffee table. If you’re really looking to optimize every inch of your home for storage, you should leave no stone unturned. That means looking everywhere for an extra spot where something can be stored. It also might mean replacing certain pieces of furniture, like your coffee table. Makers of all kinds produce coffee tables with built-in hidden storage space where you can store extra remotes, magazines, or anything else that might normally clutter your space.

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