5 Popular design styles you can choose from

Design Styles

Changing up the look of your rooms can be intimidating enough before bringing in the jargon. With so many different styles to choose from these days, it can become difficult to understand what is supposed to go together. A good way to start is to step back and look at the big picture. Below are five different design styles that might just work for you. Read on to get a better feeling of what they all mean.

Modern. If you’re dealing with a small space, modern design might just become your best friend. The whole purpose of modern interior design is to create the look and feel of space, even when there isn’t much at all. Accessories and decorations are added sparingly, as are varied textures. Furniture with clean lines keep things looking sleek, as does a simple, typically natural color palette. Modern keeps things simple and uncluttered, which can be a beautiful thing.

Contemporary. Sometimes, people mistake contemporary design with modern. While modern very much adheres to the description above, contemporary design takes what is hip and trendy in the current moment, and is thus much more fluid. That means there’s more room for you to interpret a room’s layout, color scheme, and decorations according to what looks good to you!

Scandinavian. When you hear this word, the first thing you think of is probably Ikea. But this school of design goes beyond that affordable-yet-chic furniture store. Really, Scandinavian is all about keeping things ultra-simple, somewhat along the lines of modern design. An all-white palette is perhaps the biggest hallmark of this style, though it by no means is a necessity. With such a neutral or white color scheme, though, accent colors pop more, and add a sense of fun and playfulness. Natural light is a big player in Scandinavian style, and the balance of natural and man-made materials makes for a pretty juxtaposition. It all results in a room that feels lived-in and cozy, yet decidedly modern.

Industrial. This style of design emphasizes exposed and distressed elements. This means pipes, rugged wooden items, and brick walls are all staples. Vintage decorations, rustic pieces of furniture, and a propensity for incorporating copper tones and darker natural colors are the keys to nailing the industrial look. It’s all in an effort to create a space that feels open, yet has real character to it.

Traditional. This one is inspired by the tastes of old Europe. Attention to detail is a big deal with traditional design, as is consistency. Thus, there’s a sense of symmetry about the layout of these kinds of rooms. Rich wood tones, detailed furnishings, and developed color palettes together with ample amounts of accessories mark this style. Though it may sound overly fussy on paper, in action it is supposed to feel like home – comfortable, easygoing, and classic.

These ideas might sound like rules, but as the adage goes, rules were meant to be broken. Mix and match styles to your personal taste!

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