6 workouts you can only do in summer

6 workouts you can only do in summer

Now that it’s warm enough to get outside for a run, there’s really no need to plod away on the treadmill these next few months. Take full advantage of the summertime sunshine by putting your gym membership on pause and taking your workout outdoors. Some athletic endeavors are actually only possible when the weather is nice. Don’t miss your chance to try these fun fresh-air workouts this summer.


  1. Stand-up paddleboarding
    If you live near a lake or an ocean and you haven’t tried stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) yet, you’re missing out. This sport lands somewhere between boogie boarding and surfing, so you don’t have to be terribly coordinated to do it. Look for a place nearby that rents stand-up paddleboards and, preferably, offers lessons. It shouldn’t take long for you to learn how to balance on the wide, floating board and use your paddle to propel yourself around the body of water. It’s a great core workout.
  2. Trail running
    Do you have a favorite park nearby that you’ve been neglecting this summer? Then it’s time to get out and explore. Plan an outdoorsy run along your favorite network of trails. Bring your pup or a friend along to make the experience that much more fun. If you aren’t sure where the best outdoor running spots are, enlist a website like All Trails to help you find them.
  3. Rooftop yoga
    Maybe you can do yoga year-round, but it’s only during the summery season that you can take your practice to the rooftop. A quick online search should let you know if any local hotels or other venues host fresh-air yoga in the warmer months. Even if they don’t, you’ll almost certainly be able to find an outdoor class at a local park — and studios often offer them for free or deeply discounted rates.
  4. Rowing
    Do you love to get in a good sweat with one of the rowing machines at the gym? Experience the exercise that inspired the cardio equipment. See if you can find a rowing class or a social league nearby that actually takes you out onto the water. If you can’t, then perhaps you’ll be able to rent another watercraft, like a canoe, and still get your paddle on.
  5. Kayaking
    On the same note, kayaking is a great way to work your upper body and explore the great outdoors. Even if you don’t have your own kayak, you can probably find a rental spot that allows you to borrow one for some wavetop fun. As long as you can hold a paddle, you probably don’t need much prior experience to spend an afternoon in a kayak.
  6. Outdoor bootcamp
    If you like to mix up your workout routine, boot camp is the perfect option. In the summer months, many personal trainers and boutique fitness studios offer outdoor boot camps at local parks. Check online to see if you can find one near you, then head outside to do some push-ups in the soft grass and go for a few laps around a paved path.


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  • July 1st, 2018
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