How to be safe for a summer workout

How to be safe for a summer workout

Afternoons spent sunbathing. Trips to the pool. Happy hours out on the patio. Summertime puts a slew of fresh-air activities on the table, and not just the extracurriculars. You can also take your exercise routine outdoors. Instead of hitting the treadmill at the gym, head outside for some fresh air with your fitness. You might find that the sunshine and warm breezes make it much easier to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. But before you embark on your first outdoor sweat session of the season, prepare yourself to safely face the summer heat. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a fun and healthy exercise sesh this summer.


Get up early (or stay up late)

It’s impossible to outrun the oppressive summer heat, but you can evade it. If you’re an early riser, plan your run for the early hours of the morning just before the sun has completely risen. Of course, consider safety and make sure that you choose a well-traveled path where other runners will also be beating the heat. If you can’t get up enough to avoid the summer sun, try around 8 or 9 p.m. when the sun has begun to dip toward the horizon. Any time that the sun isn’t shining full blast, you’ll enjoy lower temperatures and a more comfortable workout.


Dress accordingly

When you’re working out in the summer, you have to contend with not only the heat that your body generates, but also the sunshine beating down on you. So make sure you wear breathable, sweat-wicking clothing that will help keep you dry and cool. Opt for lightweight material specifically designed for exercise and a pair of shorts. Don’t forget to don sweat-wicking socks, too, to keep those hard-working feet dry and free of blisters.


Stay hydrated

It’s important to replenish your fluids during any workout, but it’s even more crucial when the temperatures soar outside. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of fluid before, during, and after your workout. As a general rule of thumb, you should drink one or two glasses of water before your sweat session, and then stop to drink at least every 15 minutes during it. If you’re working out for more than an hour, choose an electrolyte-rich drink like Gatorade to keep your body in balance.


Track the temp

Obviously, you should check the weather before you head outside for a workout. If you see that there’s a heat advisory in effect, it’s safer to take your workout to the air-conditioned gym. However, it’s not just the heat alone that could affect your run or boot camp routine. If the humidity is high, this could cause major issues, too. So make sure that you’re paying careful attention to both numbers when you decide to head outdoors for some exercise.


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  • July 1st, 2018
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