Workout gear that’ll help you beat the heat

Workout gear that will help you beat the heat

It’s too cold in the winter. It’s too rainy in the spring. It’s too hot in the summer. You’re always going to be able to find a reason to let weather keep you indoors, but some potential problems are solved more easily than others. For instance, in the current warm weather, all you really need to do is change up your wardrobe in order to exercise comfortably outside. Incorporate these lightweight pieces into your workout wardrobe, and you’ll have no trouble getting yourself outside for a run.


Better Than Naked Hat [North Face]

Picking a summer workout outfit often presents this catch-22: the less clothing you wear, the greater your risk of sunburn, but the more you wear, the greater your risk of overheating. This simple, stylish hat from North Face can help you outsmart the summer sun. It’s so light that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it—hence the “Better Than Naked”—but the sweat-wicking technology and wide brim will keep your hair relatively dry and your face shaded from the sun. Win-win.


Celestial Reversible Yoga Tank [Sweaty Betty]

If you don’t mind showing a bit of skin for the sake of avoiding extra layers, then this cute tank top is for you. It has the support of a sports bra built right in, but the top extends a bit further down your torso for a little extra coverage. It’s also constructed out of breathable fabric interlaid with mesh for extra air flow. And since the top is reversible (and adorable), it’ll definitely enhance your workout style.


Sunlover UPF Tank [Athleta]

If you want a breathable top that still keeps your belly button under wraps, this flowy piece from Athleta may be the perfect option. This full-coverage tank features two overlapping panels in the back, allowing warm summer breezes to cool you down as you run, boot-camp, or yoga. What’s more, the fabric itself is infused with compounds that protect your skin from the sun—this top is ranked as UPF 50+.


Modern Tempo Running Short [Nike]

You can always trust the fitness gurus at Nike to create flawless works of functional art, like this simple, yet chic running short. It’s designed to hug your curves comfortably as it wicks away sweat using DRI-FIT Technology and allows heat to escape from your hard-working legs. The curved hem ensures that you can easily warm up and cool down with any stretches you like—no need to worry about ripping any stitches.


Freedom Mesh Insert Capri Leggings [C9 Champion]

The decision to add mesh to exercise gear was partly fashion-forward and partly functional. While mesh can infuse simple workout leggings with some style, they also allow for easier air flow. These mesh-insert capris are the perfect hybrid of cute and practical. The quick-drying, stretchy fabric keeps moisture at bay as the mesh lets your calves breathe. This pair of capris receives bonus points for a small pocket up top where you can stash your car key or cell phone during a run.



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  • July 1st, 2018
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