Cool benefits of having a smart home

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There’s no question that the smartphone has changed the way products are made. Its ability to connect to the Internet, not to mention other devices, with ease has shaped how we interact with virtually everything in this day and age. As such, it has helped to usher in a new era in terms of how we think a home should function. “Smart homes,” as they’re known, use some of the same technology you’d find in a smartphone to help your place work way more efficiently. Check out just some of the ways they can make your life a little easier below.

It’s convenient. One of the best things about a smart home is that they help you take care of the little things faster. No more fussing around with the thermostat by hand, for example. Instead, you can literally tell your home what temperature is comfortable for you at any given time. Lights go on and off with verbal commands as well.

It keeps your place safe. You might be able to integrate your smart home with a security system that uses alarms, cameras, and sensors to make sure you’re protected. You can tailor your home to work with the security system in greater detail this way. Doors can lock at a moment’s notice. You can watch who comes and goes from your property from your phone. You can even make sure everyone is accounted for inside. With this unprecedented level of communication between the things that make up your house, you can feel extra secure.

You can save money. Remember the hyper-accurate thermostat mentioned before? It’s not just convenient, it’s actually a money saver. Reports say that smart home users tend to save between 10 and 30 percent on their energy bills. This extends beyond just heating and air conditioning. You can monitor and set times when appliances should be on or off, which can pay off in the long run. Not only that, you’re able to train lights to follow you around your home,  turning on as you approach a room and switching off when you leave.

It can help you stay connected. Those who are living with young children, elderly parents, or pets will probably find peace of mind in a smart home. Rather than texting someone to find out if they’re home then waiting for them to reply, you can stay informed of the comings and goings in your home with the help of sensors, cameras, and the right app connectivity. You’ll get notified when someone comes in or leaves the house, including your pets. You can also monitor and secure off-limits areas of your home from kids, like cabinets that store cleaning supplies or medication.

It gives you unprecedented control. What do all of the above benefits amount to? Essentially, it is knowing that everything is at your command. Even when you’re away from your smart home, you can make sure your doors are locked, security system is engaged, and appliances are off. A smart home gives you more than just peace of mind–it gives you the chance to be prepared for virtually anything that comes your way.

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  • March 22nd, 2017
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