Miso soup

A Quick Guide to Cooking Tofu

If you’ve been meaning to participate in #MeatlessMondays, but haven’t found the right recipe to launch your part-time vegetarianism, consider one that stars tofu. The soy-based ingredient might seem intimidating. After all, it’s one thing to eat tofu when it’s been prepared at a vegan diner or trendy brunch spot…. Read more

Strawberries in glass

How To Shop Local in the City

There are so many reasons to shop locally. Small business owners are the backbone of your neighborhood, whether you realize it or not. By investing in them, you’re investing in your community—an important support system when you’re living alone or with roommates in the city. However, it can be hard… Read more

The Rise of German Beer Halls

Timeline: The Rise of German Beer Halls

When you think of good times and beer drinking, what country comes to mind? There isn’t a country in the world that is more identified with the consumption of beer and the good times that go along with it than the country of Germany. The Germans have a rich history,… Read more

The History of Gastropubs

The Origin of Gastropubs

Bars and drinking establishments have long been centered on the activity of drinking beer and consuming snacks. But these establishments, no matter where they are in the world, have traditionally focused on the beer and served food as an afterthought: An often unappealing, unappetizing afterthought. Along with the microbrewery revolution… Read more

Mochi Ice Cream | Wikipedia

Make Your Own Mochi In Your AVA Little Tokyo Apartment

AVA Little Tokyo has some pretty fantastic outdoor areas to lounge around and entertain in. With mild climates year round and the downtown skyline as a backdrop, there is no better place to enjoy a cold beer or some delicious ice cream. Here is a fantastic and simple recipe for… Read more