Fun and harmless April Fool’s Day pranks

April Fool Prank

With April Fool’s Day coming up, there’s never been a better time to prepare some shenanigans. At the same time, you want to make sure your pranks stay relatively fun and lighthearted. Compiled below are some safe and fun prank ideas. Just make sure no one has any allergies to the materials used, and get ready to win the day.

That’s Not Water. This might be a little too cruel if your friend is just coming back from working out or is otherwise really thirsty, but if you serve them up a refreshing cup of white vinegar when they’re expecting water, the look on their face will probably be priceless. Just be careful to stand far enough back when they go to take a sip.

The Toothpaste Cookie. Who doesn’t love a good sandwich cookie? Everybody — but not when that cookie is filled with toothpaste. Remove the wonderful cream filling from in between the two wafers, and replace it with minty toothpaste. Some of these creams can have different colors, depending on the flavor of the cookie, so be sure to make the toothpaste match by using a little food dye if you have to. It’s probably too time consuming to re-fill the entire packet of cookies, but you’ll definitely want to fill more than one to increase your chances of pulling this one off successfully.

The Ketchup Soda. This one might take a little extra sleight-of-hand, but the rewards can be hilarious. Grab a normal packet of ketchup, which you can find at your favorite take-out joint or fast food restaurant. While you’re there, pick up some straws. Offer your friend a soda, then stick the straw inside the packet of ketchup, and the packet of ketchup inside the soda. To fully conceal the packet, make sure you serve the soda in an opaque cup or can. Watch as your unsuspecting buddy sips from the straw, thinking they’ll get a mouthful of delicious bubbles, only to actually get the sweet tomato substance instead.

Fake Orange Juice. For many people, a glass of OJ is just a normal part of their morning routine. But on April 1, that changes, thanks to you. Pick up some quick-serve macaroni and cheese, the kind you’d find in a box. Cook up the powdered cheese part, then replace the orange juice in the refrigerator with your cheese concoction. When the OJ-loving target of your prank goes to pour some for themselves the following morning, they’ll instead be greeted by orange cheese-sludge in their cup.

Autocorrect Tricks. Our phones are basically pocket supercomputers, and yet the autocorrect text feature is still a source of frustration. One helpful workaround is to teach autocorrect rules for what words you actually mean to type. This is also an excellent tool for savvy pranksters. If you can get your hands on your friend’s phone discreetly while it’s unlocked, you can change the rules so that normal words correct to something hilarious. Change a bunch to maximize the effect, and probably frustrate your friend to no end.

Getting Creative with Air Horns. If you’ve got duct tape and an air horn, you have all the makings of a startling prank. Placement is everything for this one, as you have to figure out a way for people to make it go off unsuspectingly. A wall where a door swings open is a good start. You’re only limited by your own creativity on this one, just make sure that the horn will not sound too closely to anyone’s ear, as that could cause permanent damage.

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  • March 22nd, 2017
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