Fun things to do once your taxes are filed

woman cooking

The feelings most closely associated with tax season are not usually joyful ones. The process of filing your taxes takes time and attention to detail, and it can be stressful, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we all need to get them done. Doing your taxes doesn’t need to be an endless process. And after they are completed, you can exhale, put it behind you and look forward to (hopefully) getting that refund. Below are some great ideas for having fun after your taxes are filed.

Get away from the computer. If you’ve completed your taxes yourself, chances are that you’ve spent extra time at a desk, staring into the abyss of blue light that is your computer monitor. Not only can that be harsh on your eyes, but also the rest of your body, so start celebrating the filing of your taxes by standing up, taking a good stretch, and spending the weekend away from screens. Go for a walk, get some exercise, or read a good book.

Treat yourself to an amazing meal. Whether you cook it yourself or you make reservations at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, rewarding yourself with the pleasures of good food is never a bad move. If you have skills in the kitchen, you can try a new interesting recipe and share the meal with your significant other, a few close friends or just yourself. Create the ambiance of a restaurant in your own home with dimmed lighting, tablecloths, the nice tableware, and the cocktail or glass of wine of your choice. If you’d rather have someone else cook for you, read some restaurant reviews online and pick a place you think you’d really enjoy, get dressed up and splurge.

Take a vacation. Plenty of people use the money they received from their tax refund to pay for a trip. In fact, you can find some great deals on travel during tax refund season. Spending money on travel rather than material items like electronics and clothes make us happier in the long-term, studies have shown, and even planning a vacation serves as a powerful mood booster. So, think of travel as a good investment in your mental as well as physical health.

Start a new hobby. With your taxes done, you can turn your attention to other, more fun things. Picking up a new activity for your leisure time can be very enriching, especially those that can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment, like learning a new language (maybe to prepare for a post-tax refund vacation?), brewing your own beer, knitting or painting.

Invest in yourself. Maybe it’s time to get that piece of exercise equipment you’ve been considering, or book that massage you’ve been dreaming about. Regardless, the time you’re not spending on filing your taxes can be instead spent on yourself, either through self-care or self-improvement, giving this post-tax activity a little extra value.

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