How to celebrate National Arbor Day when you don’t have a yard

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Arbor Day, the annual holiday that celebrates the role of trees in our lives, is held on the last Friday in April. This year, it’s Friday, April 28. One of the most traditional way to celebrate is to plant a tree in your own yard, but what if you don’t have one? If you’re wondering this same thing, don’t fret — there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate this environmental holiday. To get you started, we’ve compiled just a few ideas that can help spark an Arbor Day project of your own.

Plant a tree at an organized event. In communities all across the country, people recognize the need for trees to be planted. So, some have created events in which members of the community can help plant dozens of trees in a local park or neighborhood, no backyard necessary. It’s a fantastic way to do your part to help the environment, not to mention meet other people from your neighborhood and make new friends.

Organize an Arbor Day ceremony or party in your community. If you can’t find a tree planting event in your area, why not try planning one yourself? Get in touch with your local environmental organization or parks and recreation department to see what steps you need to take in order to make this happen. There are several ways in which you can choose to celebrate. You can honor the tree advocates and environmental workers in your city or county, or help conduct a scavenger hunt to identify the various trees in your neighborhood. Keep the mood light and positive to draw a bigger turnout, and make it a fun event to attend with plenty of entertainment, like live music. You can even ask for patrons to make a small donation to your local green organization!

Take a nature walk. Interested in commemorating the day in a different way? Consider simply signing up to take a guided tour through your local nature preserve to learn more about the role trees play in the ecosystem. Gaining an appreciation for nature is the first step towards being able to make a difference, and this immersive experience can show you just how important trees are to so many aspects of nature.

Clean up a public space. After you’ve had your educational stroll through nature, hopefully you’ll be inspired to do what you can to keep the environment pristine. The easiest way to do this is to grab some gloves, a picker, and a trash bag, and start cleaning up any public space. Keeping trash out of our waterways and green spaces starts with making sure litter is picked up and disposed of properly, so grab some friends and make a difference in whatever way you can!

Take a tree-related class. If you’re simply interested in learning more about how trees can affect our environment, or how to properly care for them in your own community, nature organizations regularly hold classes around this time of year dedicated to exactly those subjects. Getting educated about trees enables you to speak definitively about their importance, which is essential if you ever want to advocate for the protection of nature.

Make a donation. There are plenty of nonprofits aimed at preserving our environment that could use your support. Consider making a donation in observance of Arbor Day to the Arbor Day Foundation, Sierra Club, National Resources Defense Council or The Nature Conservancy. There might be local environmental groups in your city or state that could benefit from your support as well.

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