How to get an all natural deep spring cleaning

Natural cleaner. Vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon

With springtime just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting some cleaning done. We’re not talking about your average sweeping or dusting job. This is about a real, deep clean — the kind you can practically feel your home thanking you for. You might think this means having to use harsh chemicals, but it actually doesn’t have to be that way. Below, you’ll see a rundown of all the natural household products you can use to achieve the deep clean you’re looking for, without having to spend money on commercial cleaners.

Baking soda. This can do wonders for your home. When made into a paste with a little water, it’s an amazing way to get rid of tough stains, especially on stainless steel, grout, and silver. It works well on your carpets, too. Sprinkle some on before you vacuum in order to deodorize your floor. Speaking of sprinkling, if your drain is clogged, try flushing them out, first by pouring down baking soda followed by vinegar to create some foaming and dissolving action.

Lemons. You’ve probably seen and smelled enough of the harsher cleaners to wonder what the connection between this citrus and the idea of “clean” is. Well, it just so happens that lemons have great cleaning properties. When their peels are left to soak in vinegar for a few days, the resulting liquid is an excellent all-purpose cleaner.

Vinegar. You might store this in your pantry, but it’s one of those items that just happens to be as good on your salad as it is cleaning your home. When combined with water in a one-to-two ratio, it makes the perfect streak-free cleaner for your windows. It can also be used to sanitize bathtubs, thanks to its bacteria-killing acidity. If you have blinds that have seen better days, a little vinegar water mixture can go a long way towards making them look fresher.

Salt. This naturally abrasive seasoning is fantastic for breaking down those tough spots all over your home. Immediately after using your oven, sprinkle the grease spots with some coarse salt. Let things cool, then take a soft cloth and wipe it down.

Olive Oil. This can make for a wonderful treatment for your surfaces. Hard water stains should disappear when you buff them out with an oil and salt mixture. When combined with a little lemon, it can serve as an effective furniture polish. And it’s great for stainless steel appliances all on its own.

Water. Usually a complement to the other natural cleaners, sometimes plain old H2O can do the trick. If you have any concrete surfaces, pressure washing with regular water can help make them look like new. And believe it or not, carpet stains can be removed with the one-two punch of water and a hot clothing iron.

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