Innovative furniture for small spaces

Tight space

Ask just about any apartment dweller what they wish they had more of, and many will say “space.” While the cozy confines of a studio might be all the space that some minimalists need, the rest of us are wondering what we can do to maximize the space we have. Furniture designers are pondering this too, and have come up with some exceptionally creative solutions. Below are some of the best designs for small spaces today.

The Flexible Love 12 Seat Chair. This is perhaps the most innovative piece of furniture the world has seen in quite some time. Part chair, part bench,and all art, this piece can be anything from a one-seater to a round, booth-like contraption that seats 12. It’s perfect for the person who loves to entertain, but doesn’t always have the space to do it. The best part? They have a dining table of equal expansive capacity.

The Tip Over Table. This dining room table doesn’t just fold its legs away; it becomes a mirror you can hang on the wall.

Cubista. This ottoman conceals five small seats.

Fusillo. This versatile wall shelf can hold almost anything; books on top while a bike hangs from below.

Modos. This modular furniture can be built to nearly any shape.

There are also some designs out there not quite ready for market — but the ideas can still be quite inspiring.

The 2-in-1 Silla Guarda Chair. Maybe you don’t plan to have12 friends over at once, but also don’t want to force your guests to share a chair. If this sounds like you, then the Silla Guarda belongs in your home. A wooden seat sits inside of a shell and slides out easily. Both the shell and the wooden seat can stand on their own (and hold the weight of an adult), so you’ll have extra seating only when you need it.

Tetran Cubes. This furniture of the future is essentially stackable storage space that you can shape to your needs. The basic cubes, when combined with any number of their attachments, can create almost any piece of furniture, and probably some that only exist in your imagination. It’s like Legos for grown-ups.

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