Make your bedroom look like a catalog without spending the money

Bedroom like a catalog

Living on a budget sometimes feels like a full-time job in and of itself. With coupon cutting and penny pinching, saving a buck can be pretty time consuming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your space quickly and frugally. When it comes to your bedroom, it can be easy to make your space look catalog-worthy without shelling out much (or any) cash. Try out the tips below!

De-clutter. We all know that clean lines and cleared-off surfaces look the best, but life has a tendency of getting in the way of achieving that. We keep things out on counters and nightstands for convenient access, which is practical, though rarely pretty. Try to reduce these collections as much as possible to create cleaner lines throughout the room. If you have a vanity, keep stylish fragrance bottles on display, but the rest should go in a drawer or makeup organizer. Now that you have a little extra space, arrange lamps and any other decorative pieces you may have in a way that accentuates that space, while keeping everything looking neat.

Create floor space. Just as you decluttered your counters, you need to create room on your floor. Books belong on a shelf, not in a pile on the floor. Power strips and plugs should be tucked away. Use rugs strategically, if at all. If the one you currently have doesn’t quite fit the rest of the decor, it is probably best not to use it

Go green. Plants are a great way to incorporate more color into any room, and aren’t very expensive either. A few well-placed pots can make your space look polished.

Practice next-level bed making. You don’t need a king sized bed to make your room look luxurious, but you do need to display your bed’s layers. Show off the color and warmth of your bed by making sure each sheet and blanket can be seen by turning the covers down a few inches. Combine this with ample pillows at the head of the bed. Don’t be afraid to put a particularly cozy blanket on display, as having varied textures will help to make the room look more luxe. That extra blanket can be folded over the foot of the bed, or even carefully draped over a nearby chair.

Overfill the pillows. To really make your room look like it was put together by a professional, you need to keep an eye out for the details. After all, if you’ve already taken the time to reorganize your room and get rid of all your clutter, why would you let something small ruin the look you’re trying to cultivate? For example, if you have decorative throw pillows, don’t let them look flat or lumpy. In trying to emulate that “catalog” look, you want your bed – and everything on it – to look plush, comfortable, and enticing. Overstuff the pillows so that they can keep their shape over time, and enjoy the style of your reinvented bedroom!

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