Three books becoming movies this summer

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Half of the fun of reading a book is imagining the world in which your story is set. Your imagination conjures up images of the lead characters, creates entire towns and cities in your head, probably even guesses at the timbre of the heroine’s voice. So when the book translates to a screenplay, you can compare and contrast your mental picture with what’s happening in front of your eyes. Here are three flicks you and your squad need to see this summer—a romantic tale, a childhood favorite, and a quirky Zefron comedy—that began as books.

  1. Me Before You, June 3. If you’re a GoT fanatic, you’ll recognize the romantic lead in Me Before You: Emilia Clarke. She plays Louisa Clark, who encounters love in an unlikely place when she steps in as caregiver for William Traynor (Sam Claflin of The Hunger Games), who recently endured a tragic accident that left him paralyzed. It’s just one in a string of jobs that Louisa, AKA “Lou,” has taken on to support her family—but this one is bound to be a little bit different. Watch the highs and lows of their blossoming romance when you see Me Before You.
  2. The BFG, July 1. The BFG was probably one of your favorite childhood books, and in the hands of Steven Spielberg, you can expect the movie to live up to your expectations. Settle in for this colorful, heartwarming story about Sophie, an imaginative little girl who meets the BFG—that is, the Big Friendly Giant. Join in their adventure as Sophie learns that not all giants are terrifying, lumbering oafs. The Big Friendly Giant is gentle, kind; he refuses to snack on little boys and girls, as he should, according to his nature. In fact, when he bucks the norm, the BFG isolates himself from other giants—but Sophie (and you) will be the BFG’s BFF on July 1.
  3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, July 8. Adam DeVine and Anna Kendrick bring their Pitch Perfect comedy to this ridiculous comedy, which also throws Zac Efron and Aubrey Plaza into the mix. Zefron and DeVine lead the film as a pair of brothers looking for wedding dates. Instead of Tindering their way to dates, they place an ad online seeking the perfect ladies. When it goes viral, though, things spiral out of control in a delightful way that only a movie starring this dynamic duo could really pull off. You’ll want to bring the tissues to this one because—knowing these two—you’ll be laughing until you cry. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is based on a the book Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: And a Thousand Cocktails, so you might want to pick up a copy and get going before this flick hits theaters at the beginning of July.


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  • May 12th, 2016
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