5 ideas for tasteful, temporary fall decor

5 ideas for tasteful temporary fall decor

Cozy scarves and sweaters. Sun-dappled trees bearing glossy apples. Cups of artisan coffee emitting curlicues of steam. These are a few of the best things about fall. As the leaves outside transition to their autumnal hues and begin to drift slowly to the ground, it’s time to welcome the season into your home, too. Tweak your decor for fall by crafting one of these accent pieces and adding it to your abode.


  1. Bowl of Autumn Leaves [Hello! Lucky]
    As temperatures drop, the trees begin to shed their leaves, coating the ground with blankets of crimson, gold, and orange. Capture the magic of this natural phenomenon by DIYing a bowl out of autumn leaves. Instead of using real leaves, which will eventually crumble, grab a garland of faux leaves at the craft store. Snip the leaves free from the garland and use Mod Podge to affix them to an inflated balloon in a bowl shape. Once the glue dries, simply pop your balloon and peel away the remains to reveal your festive accent bowl.
  2. Glittering Leaf Pumpkins [HGTV]
    Do jack-o-lanterns clash with your current decor? Create a more glamorous autumn pumpkin with this simple HGTV tutorial. Begin by painting a large pumpkin white or any light, neutral shade you like. Then head outside and find a few healthy green leaves (nothing crunchy) or grab a handful of faux leaves at the craft store. Use them as stamps, first coating the leaves with glue and then transferring it to the painted pumpkin. Dust the leaf-shaped coating of glue with glitter and add a stem using a shimmery permanent marker or pen.
  3. Painted Acorns [Home Stories A to Z]
    Another natural crafting material that’s abundant in autumn is the acorn. Chances are you’ll find dozens of them scattered across the ground this season. When you simply embellish their rotund bottoms with acrylic paint, you can easily create a seasonally inspired rainbow. Display the multi-hued acorns in your favorite fall bowl to create a cute coffee table vignette—you could even use the faux leaf bowl outlined above.
  4. Dried Orange Garland [Hearth and Vine]
    When you want to glam up your space and fill it with a sweet, spicy aroma at the same time, this dried orange garland is the way to do it. First, you have to dry your orange slices by baking them for four hours and then letting them sit for about 12 hours. The easiest way to do this is to leave them overnight. Once they’re dry, string them onto twine with cinnamon sticks (the DIYer recommends drilling holes into the sticks) and fresh bay leaves.
  5. Apple Topiary Centerpiece [HGTV]
    Apples also abound in the autumn, and they’re good for more than just munching. Pick your favorite type of apple and transform it into a simple centerpiece. Start by affixing your chosen apples to a foam topiary ball or cone using florist’s skewers, then fill any gaps in between the apples with fresh greenery using a hot glue gun. The result is a sweet and simple centerpiece for your dining room table.
  • November 1st, 2018
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