5 DIY Thanksgiving decorations under $5

5 DIY Thanksgiving decorations

The turkey’s roasting. The wine is breathing. The potatoes have been mashed. Now there’s just one thing to do before your Thanksgiving guests arrive: decorate. Instead of splurging on store-bought decor that you’re only going to break out once a year, keep things simple (and affordable) with these DIY Turkey Day decorations that each cost less than $5 to make.


  1. Thankful Pumpkin Centerpiece [Ella Claire]
    Thanksgiving isn’t just about feasting. First and foremost, it’s about being grateful for everything that you have. Bring this fact to the forefront of your dinner guests’ minds by picking up a few mini pumpkins and affixing printed paper tags with twine. This DIY project rundown comes with a printer-ready page of leaf-shaped tags that say “thankful,” “grateful,” and other Thanksgiving-appropriate words. You can also print out the blank leaves and jot down your own messages.
  2. Turkey Feather Place Cards [Almost Makes Perfect]
    Chances are you already have most of the materials for this craft sitting around at home—especially if you’re a fan of wine. Using a wine cork, a toothpick, and colored paper, you can create tiny turkeys to set at each place at your table. Add a snippet of an index card scrawled with your guests’ names so that each eater knows exactly where to sit for the meal.
  3. Fall Candles [That’s What Che Said]
    On a chilly November evening, warm up your Thanksgiving table with the soft flicker of a few festive candles. Grab some chunky white candles and faux leaves from the dollar store. Affix the leaves to the candles using twine or string that you have on hand, backed by a strip of burlap, if you like. Then arrange the candles atop a pretty plate or charger you already have in your cabinet. That’s it! Your cute DIY centerpiece is complete.
  4. Popcorn Kernel Centerpiece [Passionate Penny Pincher]
    Perhaps the crackle of popcorn really reminds you of autumn. If that’s the case, this affordable DIY craft will probably induce nostalgia. The popcorn never actually pops. It just sits in the bottom of a large glass candle holder, nestled around a fat candle in the color of your choosing. Loop a strand of raffia around the bottom of the glass holder a few times and tie it in a pretty bow, then light the candle and wash your Thanksgiving table in a soft glow befitting the holiday season.
  5. Burlap Wreath [Just Call Me Homegirl]
    Want your Thanksgiving visitors to know they’re in the right place before they even turn your doorknob? Then embellish the outside of your home, too. Hang a handmade wreath on the door, and even family members who haven’t visited before will have no trouble spotting your apartment. If you want to go a different direction than the typical leafy autumn wreath, try this rustic-chic alternative using affordable burlap ribbon. You simply weave the burlap ribbon onto a straightened-out wire hanger, artfully scrunching it to create a ruffled effect, and then bend that wire into a large circle. Feel free to add any extras you like, such as a faux flower or a cluster of fake berries.