5 indoor exercises you can do while traveling


It can be hard to keep a routine when you’re away from home, especially when it comes to working out. Being in a new place can make it hard to find the necessary equipment needed to complete your normal workout circuit, and bringing the necessary tools with you is not always feasible. That does not mean you have to give up on staying in shape, though. With minimal space and a few portable items, you can stay fit almost anywhere. Take a look below at the five exercises you can do indoors while traveling to get started.

1. Yoga. More than just a meditative experience, this form of exercise can help you increase your flexibility, as well as your general strength. It requires nothing more than a soft mat beneath you to get started, and a general guide on how to pose. Holding the poses can not only cause you to break a sweat, it can also relieve some of that stiffness you may experience after a long flight or car ride.

2. The 7-Minute Workout. This full-body circuit is a very efficient way to get a total workout. Even better, it requires very little space and equipment; the only things you will need are a wall and a sturdy chair. It’s excellent if you are very short on time and restricted to only being able to use your hotel room to work out. With this exercise, you have no excuses not to get your workout in. Download the free 7-Minute Workout app on your mobile device so it’s ready when you need it.

3. Run stairs. In general, if you are looking to burn a few more calories every day, take the stairs to your room instead of the elevator. This can easily turn into a full-on workout, just by increasing the intensity. Run indoor stairs in your office building or hotel to get some additional cardio work in. Flights of stairs are great for exercise, as they allow you to coordinate interval training on the fly, and work for both endurance and sprinting. (Keep in mind that not every hotel will allow this, so check with concierge to make sure it is permissible.)

4. Jump rope. For cardio exercise in a small space, be sure to pack a jump rope with you. This simple tool is a cheap and easily found solution to not having enough space or the right weather to properly get your heart rate up. Combine this exercise with others, like push-ups or planks, for a total workout that will help you feel great, and work off those excess calories you may be consuming during your trip.

5. Follow a video. Chances are good that no matter where you are traveling, you will have access to either an internet connection or a television. With so many guided exercise videos out there, it’s easy to follow along via your computer or TV. Even if this isn’t your normal method of working out, it is worth a shot — these programs are usually designed to be done in the comfort of your own home. Find a routine that suits you and bring it along with you on your next trip.

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