5 new twists on egg nog

Egg Nog

Egg nog is one of those holiday favorites that you can’t reach for at just any time of the year. The availability of this creamy delight is restricted to around Christmastime, which usually means that seemingly every get-together around this time usually has it. Rather than drinking it the usual way this year, why not spice things up a little? Below are five interesting ways to change up your egg nog. Mix and match these ideas for even more creative ways to get your fill of egg nog this year without burning out on it.

Make it a martini. For those who want their egg nog to be a little more “adult,” try adding vodka, ice, and hazelnut liqueur. The resulting drink is a bit less rich than its normal, non-alcoholic counterpart, but it’s still delicious. Do not garnish with olives, however. Opt for maraschino cherries, nutmeg, or even a stick of cinnamon. This is a nice change of pace during the party, and gives you a good reason to break out your martini glasses.

Add it to a milkshake. Conversely, if you are eager to make your egg nog more decadent, try thickening it with some ice cream. Experiment with different flavors, particularly those that are fruit-forward. Citrus sherbet like orange might be the most advisable flavor type to add, with banana and pistachio being other good options. Throw in your favorite syrup for extra flavor depth. Adults can add amaretto or coffee liqueur to theirs for a fun “big kid” drink.

Use it as a coffee creamer. Balance the sweetness of egg nog with the roasted flavor of coffee. Dark roasts are preferable here, but any coffee will do. Add the egg nog in as you would any other creamer. This combination works equally well iced or hot. Whether it’s with breakfast on Christmas Day or as an after-dinner pick-me-up, this is one variation on egg nog you absolutely must try. For something more intense, try adding a shot of espresso to your cup of egg nog instead.

Spike it with tequila. Speaking of intense, tequila is one of the more intimidating liquors out there, with its unmistakable scent and flavor. But it doesn’t have to be. Create a punch that uses tequila and egg nog for a flavor that’s totally unique from any other libation your guests will have this season.

Add chocolate. Many things are just better with chocolate. Whether you choose to garnish your glass of ‘nog with dark chocolate shavings, or prefer to drizzle classic syrup into it, this combination is a treat that will please the whole crowd. You can serve this as a punch, too: stir cocoa powder, nutmeg, and cinnamon into your egg nog and top with miniature marshmallows, calling to mind hot chocolate. Serve it cold, though, as warm egg nog generally isn’t as enjoyable.

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