5 warm weather family holiday traditions to try

Family Holiday Traditions

More often than not, our family traditions are dictated by the weather, which means that the holidays tend to be celebrated differently depending on where you live. People who live in warmer climates have taken up some pretty interesting customs when it comes to this. Some of the best (and tastiest) of these warm weather traditions can be enjoyed anywhere, while others need sunshine and warm temperatures. If you happen to be soaking up the sun this holiday season and aren’t sure exactly how to celebrate accordingly, try out the following warm weather traditions

  1. Grill a big seafood feast. There’s nothing quite like cooking outside, and few things can compare to fresh seafood. If you happen to be in a warm beach town this time of year, be sure to take full advantage of the fresh fish and perfect grilling weather to create a holiday dinner to remember. This is a common practice in Australia, where the holidays fall during the summer season, not the winter.
  2. Drink coquito. This Puerto Rican version of eggnog is filled with rum and holiday spirit. You don’t often see it alongside its cold-weather counterpart in the supermarket, but it can be made just as easily as regular eggnog. Coquito uses coconut milk instead of dairy milk as its base, making it a fruitier concoction, but the elements of vanilla and nutmeg help it to be reminiscent of holiday flavors just the same. Non-alcoholic recipes are available as well, making this a great drink for the whole family.
  3. Hit the beach. If you are used to spending the holidays next to a fireplace with snow falling outside, it can be a bit of a shock to have the option of putting on your swimsuit and hanging out in the sand. But it is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Have a picnic, enjoy some water sports, and take in the sun’s rays with your family. If you can grill on the beach, go for it. Treat this as you would a summer vacation and let your cares melt away.
  4. Catch a parade. If you’ve traveled to a warmer destination for the holiday season, your chances of finding a fun parade to attend are high. Caribbean nations and parts of the southern United States hold their own traditional parades that are fun for every member of the family. With no need to bundle up or shiver, you can casually and comfortably watch the various floats, bands, and performers as they inject even more joy into this festive time of year.
  5. Party outdoors. This is obvious, but it should not be understated: take every opportunity you get to enjoy things out in the beautiful weather. Few people come back from a warm weather destination with exciting stories about how they stayed in the air conditioning. Go out, see the sights, and immerse yourself in a new holiday culture. You’ll enjoy your time more, and may even be able to take some of the traditions with you the next time you spend the season in a colder climate.

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