5 summer activities that will make you feel like a kid again

5 summer activities that will make you feel like a kid again

When you were young, summer didn’t just mean warmer temperatures, it also meant complete freedom. From the last day of school in late spring through fall, you could wake up late, watch cartoons until noon, and act like your summer reading didn’t exist. Now that you’re an adult, summer probably doesn’t bring the same level of excitement that it once did—but it’s possible to recapture some of that magic (without getting fired for taking off for three months). You’ll feel like a kid again when you squeeze one of these quintessential summer activities into your busy grown-up schedule.


  1. Head to an amusement park.
    Nothing evokes youth quite like that first steep drop of a rollercoaster when your stomach leaps up into your chest. That’s why you should definitely head to your favorite amusement park this summer. Round up a friend or two and head to a nearby theme park to enjoy a day of cotton candy, thrill rides, and summer sunshine. Bonus points if you pick a park that also boasts pools and waterslides.
  2. Play video games or laser tag.
    You don’t have to brave the heat in order to relive your childhood. Some summery activities unfold in the sweet embrace of air conditioning, like playing arcade games or laser tag. Find a family fun center near your apartment and fill your wallet with quarters, then head to the arcade. Spend an afternoon revisiting your favorite games, from Pacman to Donkey Kong, and then challenge some friends to a round of laser tag.
  3. Splash around in the rain.
    You may see rain as an inconvenience now, but as a kid, you probably welcomed the summer rain. Rain meant puddles, and puddles meant ample opportunities to splash around and play in the mud. Maybe you don’t want to take things that far as a grown-up, but it can’t hurt to traipse through a puddle or two with the proper rain boots.
  4. Ride a bike.
    When you were little, you didn’t have to schedule exercise at the gym. Back then, a workout consisted of playing tag or propelling yourself into the air on a playground swing. On warm summer days, your childhood fitness routine may have included riding a bike, too. Take a spin on your bike at a nearby park and let the warm summer breezes ruffle your hair. If you don’t have a cycle, find out if you can rent one for a few hours through a local bikeshare.
  5. Read your fave childhood book.
    The Boxcar Children. The Babysitters Club. Basically anything by Beverly Cleary. Back in the day, you probably devoured childhood classics like these—especially when you had some extra time on summer vacation. Get back to basics and break out a paperback (or a Kindle version) of your favorite childhood book, then sprawl out on a blanket at the park and soak up some sunshine while you read.


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  • August 1st, 2018
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