5 summer date night ideas

5 summer date night ideas

Now that the spring showers have given way to summertime sunshine, your date-night possibilities have expanded exponentially. With the outdoors on-limits, you can take romance to the rooftop bar, to the park, or even to the drive-in movie theater. Here are five summer-appropriate date night ideas that you should try before autumn arrives.


  1. Pack a picnic.
    You don’t need much cash or prep time to make a romantic gesture. As long as you have the components for a sandwich on hand, you can throw together a picnic date in a matter of minutes. Make any meal that you can transport easily, pack it up with some utensils and beverages, and head to your favorite green space nearby for a cute picnic dinner.
  2. Head to a drive-in theater.
    You might think that drive-in movies are a thing of the past, but in fact, many theaters still exist around the country. Search online for one near you and plan a special date night here. Even if it’s a bit of a hike to get to the closest theater, your efforts will be rewarded when a smile spreads across your significant other’s face upon hearing about what date night holds. Pack up some homemade snacks and a few lawn chairs before you head out.
  3. Have drinks on a rooftop.
    ‘Tis the season to embrace happy hour. You may want to hibernate at home in the colder months, but when the summer sun beckons from the windows of your office, it’s easy to get your second wind around 5 p.m. Find a local rooftop bar and meet up with that special someone. Enjoy a few summery cocktails—anything with cucumber or strawberry on the ingredient list is a good bet—and soak up that warm summer sunshine with a side of panoramic views.
  4. Enjoy a concert in the park.
    When June rolls in, most cities and even small towns across the country debut their lineup of free summertime entertainment. This schedule almost always includes weekly or monthly concerts in the park. Find out when and where the nearest concert in the park series is happening near you, and plan a date night when the itinerary includes a music genre that interests you. Pack a blanket or pair of lawn chairs, a few snacks to nibble on, and a box of wine (if your park allows) to enjoy as the concert unfolds.
  5. Explore the local botanical garden.
    If your favorite part of the summer season is the flora, then don’t miss this opportunity to see a botanical garden in full bloom. Find a botanical garden near you and plan an excursion with your sweetheart to enjoy its sights and scents. If possible, schedule your trip for an evening when there’s a special event going on at the garden, like a wine-tasting dinner or a free musical performance. Or just head to a beer garden afterward to continue drinking in fresh air as you drink a few libations.


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