5 things you can do in the pool before it’s closed

5 things you can do in the pool before it closes

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, you probably have a few things on your summertime bucket list that you’ve yet to check off. Maybe it’s a trip to the pool. Even if you’ve spent much of your summer at the pool, there’s really no such thing as too much pool time. Before fall rolls around and the kids are back in school, make sure you do these five things at the pool.


  1. Race like mermaids.
    If your little ones love Disney movies, mermaid races are probably a great way to keep them entertained (you might know them as dolphin or submarine races—call it whatever you want to engage your audience). This game is ideal for older kids who have mastered the art of swimming underwater. Pick a starting line, hold your breath, and start swimming. Whoever swims the farthest without coming up for air wins.
  2. Play Marco Polo.
    Marco Polo may be a little irritating for spectators, but this is your last chance to play until next year. You’ve earned it. Pick a Marco and a Polo, and have “Marco” close his eyes as he meanders around the pool, looking for an ever-moving “Polo.” Obviously this game won’t work in a packed public pool, but if you’re lucky enough to have the place to yourself or go swimming at a private pool, it’s a crowd-pleaser for all generations.
  3. Joust with pool noodles.
    If you’ve hit your limit with actually floating buoyed by pool noodles, forget their intended use and start having some fun. Challenge your pool buddies to a duel, armed only with flimsy foam pool noodles as your “swords.” Or sneak up on members of your family and blow bubbles or streams of water out of the noodles. Just be warned: you may start a splash war.
  4. Start a game of freeze tag.
    Another activity that’s more appropriate for a private pool, aquatic freeze tag is fun for kids and adults alike. Simply designated someone as It and swim away from him or her as quickly as you can. If you get tagged, you’ll have to remain stock-still until someone comes to unfreeze you. Although you may be used to playing this game on land, taking it to the pool adds an extra challenge since you’ll have to maneuver through the water to escape whoever’s It.
  5. Kick back and relax.
    Sweet, sweet summertime is almost over. Stop and savor these final warm days. Don’t bring anything to the pool with you other than a lounge chair, a pair of shades, and a good book. While others splash around, find a sunny spot and simply relax. Enjoy a dose of vitamin C as the sunshine warms your skin and the summer breeze tousles your hair. Before you know it, after all, fall will be here with its brisk temperatures and bonfires.


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  • August 1st, 2018
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