5 ways to tease opposing team fans

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For an avid sports enthusiast, there’s nothing as exhilarating as actually getting to see your favorite team take down a rival in person. And part of the fun is getting a playful back-and-forth going with fans of the opposing team. Here are five tips that will help keep your game-day banter on point.

  1. Come prepared with a clever sign. Athletes’ hard work off the field dictates how they’ll play on the field, and the same is true for fans. You have to do your homework in order to really kill it on game day. This includes spending some time crafting. First, brainstorm a few clever burns that poke fun at the opposing team’s mascot, hometown, or star player. Then pick your favorite. Next, design and create a colorful sign that will put those of opposing fans to shame. Finally, brandish it proudly in the stands.
  1. Wear your fandom on your sleeve, even at away games. A true fan isn’t afraid to go into enemy territory wearing his or her team’s colors. Stand out from the crowd at an away game by donning your favorite jersey or team t-shirt, maybe even some face paint if you’re really feeling creative. Not only will it showcase your allegiance to your team, it also get opposing fans fired up—and isn’t friendly rivalry all part of the fun?
  1. Banter (respectfully). If you do wear your team’s colors to an out-of-town showdown, you have to expect some heckling. Take it as an opportunity to perfect your game-day banter. Remember to keep your retorts classy and on-topic, avoiding personal shots at the players or their fans. No one likes bantering with a sour sports fan who takes things too far. Another pro tip? Stay sober. It’s easy for harmless bantering to stray into dangerous, not-so-fun territory when you throw back one too many beers.
  1. Get a chant going. Even at an away game, chances are you’ll be seated among a section of friends, and there’s power in numbers. Make your presence known by initiating a chant. The same rules apply to chanting as bantering. Keep it clean and only playfully poke fun at the other team. If you can come up with a chant that builds up your team’s players instead of tearing down the opposing team, even better.
  1. Eventually, trade jeering for cheering. Your team doesn’t have to actually win the game in order for it to be a fun day. Athletics are all about sportsmanship, both on and off the field. So if it becomes obvious that you and your fellow fans are not going to walk away with a win, keep the vibes positive. Remember, pro athletes are people, too, and if you continue to boo every time they miss a field goal, that’s not going to be good for morale. Instead, employ over-the-top cheering techniques when they do score a touchdown—even if the cheers are a bit tongue-in-cheek. Even rival fans will be impressed by your ability to be a gracious not-winner.

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  • August 23rd, 2017
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