6 inexpensive games to play at your tailgate party during halftime

friends playing games

Whether you’re tailgating at the stadium or throwing your own tailgate/viewing party at home, football season means getting together with friends to enjoy the game. And while most of the attention goes to the field during each quarter, halftime brings some downtime. Keep your whole crew entertained during halftime with these festive, football-themed games.

  1. Inflatable Goal Post Ring Toss. For just $10, you can be the proud owner of this chic inflatable hat—well, “chic” might be a stretch. The inflatable accessory is actually a football topped with a goal post that you can affix right to your noggin. Then stand as still as possible as your friends chuck small plastic rings at your head. Note: This game will get more and more fun as the beers continue to flow.
  1. Pin the Football on the Goal Post. Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic. It gets a football-centric makeover with this sporty version, which tasks tailgaters with pinning the football smack dab between the goalposts for a field goal. This game only costs about $5 on Amazon, and it’s a good one for a big group.
  1. DIY Football-Themed Cornhole. Crafty sports lovers can try their hand at creating a set of cornhole boards that’s perfect for game day. This version of cornhole grants different points depending on which target you hit. Instead of a single central hole, the cornhole boards feature two “field goal” targets, two “touchdown” holes, and one large “extra point” goal. If you’re not up to DIYing a cornhole set, order it online and bring it along to the tailgate for halftime.
  1. Football Charades. No money or crafting is required to get ready for a round of football charades. All you need to do is jot down some ideas on small pieces of paper ahead of time, throw them in a hat, and have friends start picking and acting them out. Ideas include kicking a football, acting as a coach, mimicking a waterboy, or even demonstrating the role of a helmet.
  1. Touch Football. Depending on how much space you have at your tailgate, you might be able to revive a classic Thanksgiving Day pastime: touch football. Round up an even number of friends, pick teams, outline the “field” and the rules of the game, and get playing. Ensure that everyone is on the same page about what constitutes a “touch” before play begins in order to avoid scrape-ups out on the field.
  1. Super Bowl Commercial Bingo. Okay, so this game isn’t technically played at half-time. And it only works if you’re watching the game at home. And it specifically applies to the Super Bowl. But it’s so fun that we couldn’t omit it from our list. Everyone has those friends who watch the Super Bowl for the commercial breaks, so instead of scoffing at them, embrace them. Print out these Super Bowl commercial bingo cards or make your own and use party snacks (like peanuts or Goldfish) to check off a square when you see a Febreze commercial or Justin Timberlake shows up in an ad.