7 things to watch at a tailgate party (besides pre-game blather)

family watching tv together

Tailgating is a time-tested tradition. It’s practically an official part of the game. And with football season right around the corner, it’s prime time for tailgating. But being a sports fan doesn’t necessarily mean you love to watch ESPN’s pre-coverage of the pre-coverage of the pre-game show. Here are some things you can put on the TV besides sports personalities.

  • Sports bloopers. Hook up a Chromecast or other device and stream sports bloopers to the TV — guaranteed to be more fun than whatever else was on.
  • Old favorite moments. Everything’s on YouTube, probably including that hail mary pass you got to watch with your Dad and saw the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Look up plays you remember and share them with your friends and fans — the people who will appreciate them most.
  • Regular Funny Videos. While you’re on YouTube, might as well tune into some funny videos you might have seen but your friends haven’t yet.
  • The News. Just kidding. Half the appeal of a shared sporting event is NOT getting political.
  • Movie Trailers. While you’re together with your friends, why not watch a few trailers and decide what movie you might want to see together next?
  • Each other. Okay, not in the weird way. But consider waiting to turn on the TV until the game actually starts and do some offline catching up.