6 Gift ideas for the dads in your life

child passing gift to dad

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for Dad. While it’s safe to say he’d appreciate just about anything from his kids, it’s important to think about getting the right gift early on so you’re not rushing to get one closer to the holiday. Plus, spending enough time on getting him the right gift will make you feel better about your effort, and help you feel confident in what you get him. To get the wheels turning for you, we’ve found six gift ideas we think will help make his special day a bit brighter.

  1. A subscription. Whether it’s for his favorite publication, or is a monthly box of stuff he’ll love, a subscription is a great way to give Dad something to look forward to every month. There are so many different kinds of subscriptions these days, you’re sure to find something he’ll appreciate, no matter how narrow his interests may be.
  1. A growler. If you know a dad who likes beer, a growler is a great way to give him the gift of exploring new brews. It isn’t just a container to store draft beer, it’s basically a ticket for them to spend some free time visiting new breweries, and sampling varieties to eventually take home.
  1. A bluetooth speaker or set of headphones. If your dad loves music or radio, make sure he has the right equipment to listen to it. Wireless speakers, earbuds, and headphones have better fidelity than ever right now, making them perfect for working in the garage, hanging out in the park, or exercising at the gym.
  1. Grilling equipment. For the dad who loves to have a good cookout, equip him with the necessary tools to make his next barbecue a great one. A sturdy set of tongs, an accurate meat thermometer, and a robust grill brush are all must-haves. If his grill has seen better days, you may even want to consider replacing it with something new. Make sure the surface area of the grill matches his needs — if he tends to cook for a crowd, get him a bigger one. He’ll feel like a pitmaster right in his own backyard!
  1. Coffee equipment. Dads have more options than ever when it comes to brewing a good cup of joe, and their tastes have evolved with the times. So get your dad the espresso maker, French press, or bag of artisanally roasted beans he’s had his eye on.
  1. A gift card. Sometimes dads can be hard to buy for. But you should know that while they might not be willing to admit it, they’re just fine with shopping for themselves, and may even like it! So, a gift card to their favorite store can make a perfect gift. If you’re certain they don’t like shopping, try giving them a gift card to their favorite restaurant.


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  • May 17th, 2017
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