6 Refreshing summer drink recipes


Hot summer days are just around the corner, which means your calendar will soon be filled with barbecues, pool parties and after-work happy hours at home. If you’d like to have a few go-to signature drinks of the season lined up, there’s plenty to choose from. Below are six different cocktails (and mocktails) that you’ll want to whip up this summer.

  1. Aperol spritz. This classic aperitif cocktail was practically made for the warm weather. It comes together simply enough, with three parts prosecco added to two parts aperol, and a splash of soda water to top it all off. The bittersweet flavor matches perfectly with the fizzy mouthfeel, providing you with a drink that refreshes your palate. When served in a wine glass and garnished with orange, it’s the ultimate upscale summer drink.
  1. Frozen lemonade. For a drink that’s fun for all and incredibly simple to make, consider the frozen lemonade. Sugar, water, and lemon juice combine to create the citrusy-sweet delight we remember from childhood. When thrown in the blender with ice, the result is a slushy and refreshing drink that you could serve it on its own. With your spirit of choice added in, it becomes an ideal post-meal treat for those extra hot evenings.
  1. Honeydew, cucumber, and mint cooler. For this drink, blend a whole melon with a whole cucumber and a cup of mint leaves, then add lime juice to taste. If you want the cocktail version, add a splash of your favorite gin, though vodka will work, too. Make a pitcher of it for an outdoor party that could use a little extra fruit.
  1. Ginger peach soda. With a little peach nectar, normal ginger ale turns into something really special. Add in a little fresh ginger for an extra kick, and you have a drink that party guests will want you to make for every occasion. Equally tasty with or without alcohol, it’s a great recipe for everyone.
  1. Gin rickey. This super simple cocktail is for anyone who loves the taste of gin. A squeeze of lime, two ounces of your preferred gin, and a topping of club soda is all you need to make it happen, and the end product is astoundingly refreshing. Much like the aperol spritz, it is the light bitterness and effervescence of this drink that makes it so suitable for the summertime.
  1. Mint julep. Whiskey lovers don’t need to put their beloved spirit away once the warm weather hits. In fact, there are plenty of wonderful ways in which you can incorporate it into your summer drinking plans, with this cocktail landing at the top of the list. A favorite at the Kentucky Derby, this drink requires your bourbon of choice, crushed ice, a little simple syrup, and plenty of mint. Gently muddle the mint with the syrup at the bottom of your glass, then add in the ice and bourbon, and stir.


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