6 Holiday sweaters that won’t embarrass you at the office party

holiday sweaters

When it comes time for holiday office parties, you need to make sure your wintertime wardrobe is ready. Of course, you can always go with a classic ugly sweater from the back of your closet. But maybe you want to class it up a bit this year? Here are six holiday sweaters you can wear non-ironically (mostly) to your work party this year.


  1. A classic cable-knit. If you’re really wary about falling into the ugly-sweater category, just don’t lean into the holiday theme at all. Go with a classic cable knit that you already have hanging in the closet. Your standard sweater is cute, comfy, and light years away from the ugly sweater trope.
  2. A vintage family heirloom. Depending on your parents’ sense of style, this could teeter on the edge of ugly sweater. But if you have stylish parents, take full advantage of the well-crafted holiday sweaters that might still be hanging around. They just don’t make comfy, classic sweaters like this anymore. And your coworkers will probably take note of that and commend you for your wardrobe choice (or at least request a selfie with you).
  3. A beloved holiday character. You really can’t go wrong with a sweater that sports a holiday character who everyone loves. Look for a sweater embellished with Frosty and his neighborhood crew. Seek out a sweater featuring Charlie Brown and his Peanuts gang looking for a Christmas tree. Or try to find a sweater stitched with sayings from favorite holiday films (“It’s a major award!”, anyone?).
  4. A pillow-soft cashmere creation. It’s rare that you have the chance to show off chic, elegant pieces at the office, so if you want to go all out for this year’s holiday party, feel free. Treat yourself to a new cashmere sweater and a sharply tailored pair of pants to match, and you’ll be the belle of the office ball.
  5. This simple, sweet, and stylish Rudolph sweater. There are some sweaters that, somehow, toe the line between silly and chic. This Rudolph sweater is one of them. The soft cream-colored sweater is emblazoned with a cute, cartoonish image of Rudolph, plus a spray of snowflakes. You may recognize it if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, as she’s been spotted out and about in it. Perfect when layered over a long-sleeve chambray shirt, this wintry addition to your wardrobe will delight fellow guests at the office party without landing you in the running for Ugliest Holiday Sweater. And it’s only about $20 when you order it on Amazon.
  6. A Santa Suit. But really, when you think about it, what is an office party without a little humor? There’s no shame in just joining in the fun and opting for a silly holiday-themed sweater, like this Santa suit sweater. It evokes the image of jolly St. Nick with an image of a white-fur-lined jacket and big black belt, complete with oversized golden buckle, splashed across the front. Chances are you’ll have your coworkers chuckling if you don this cute creation.
  • October 30th, 2017
  • Posted in: Avalon