6 Simply adorable holiday recipes

snowman cookies

‘Tis the season to break out the cookie cutters, crank up the holiday tunes, and start churning out the holiday treats. Here are six recipes that result in show-stopping confections that are almost too cute to eat—but not quite.


  1. Melted snowman cookies. When a snowman melts in real life, it can be a sad experience for a child. But when he melts atop your cookie, it’s just downright adorable. This cute, edible craft uses sugar cookies as a base, smothered with white icing to create the melted portion of the snowman, and embellished with halved marshmallows, complete with orange-sprinkle noses and black icing eyes, as well as half-melted arms made from chocolate jimmies and mini M&Ms as buttons.
  2. Grinch Kranky Treats. If your family loves to watch The Grinch every year, then you should definitely whip up a batch of these Grinch-themed rice krispie treats. The addition of green food dye turns them a Grinchy shade of emerald, and when you slice the rice krispie treats into triangles and adorn them with an evil grin and yellow M&M eyes, they look just like this grouchy Christmas hero.
  3. Peanut butter reindeer cookies. If you already have a go-to peanut butter cookie recipe in your back pocket, there’s a cute and easy way to transform the cookies into edible Rudolphs. Before baking, stick a red M&M (with the “M” face down) near the bottom mid-point of the cookie, and add two brown mini M&Ms as eyes. Bake your cookies then, while they’re still warm, perch a pair of mini chocolate-covered pretzels sticking out near the top as Rudolph’s antlers.
  4. Christmas dipped pretzels. You prep these pretzels the same way you’d make any chocolate-covered pretzels, but use a nice holiday white chocolate instead of the typical brown. Before the chocolate cools, dip your pretzels in festive red or white sugar, a mix of red and green sprinkles, or any other holiday-themed embellishments you like.
  5. Mini marshmallow men. Mini snowmen made out of marshmallows take up their post on a toothpick in this sweet, festive treat. Start by filling a toothpick with three mini marshmallows, then dip the mini-snowman in melted white chocolate. Once it hardens, use melted chocolate and red candy wafers to add accents. Finally, dress the little guy in a red scarf made from fruit leather.
  6. Snowman buttons. With just a few simple touches, you can transform a chocolate sugar cookie into a snowman’s button. Find a simple chocolate sugar cookie recipe online, then whip it up and roll out your dough. Use a simple round cookie cutter to create your cookies, then add a smaller circle just inside the edges of the cookie and four pinpoints to mimic a button. You can criss-cross white frosting from one hole to another to create an even more authentic snowman button look.


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  • October 30th, 2017
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