7 Travel gadgets you shouldn’t leave home without

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The best part of going on a trip is arriving at the destination. But it’s important to have a happy time traveling, too. With the proliferation of handheld and wireless devices to help us pass the time, there’s no reason not to enjoy the journey. Bring the following seven items along with you and you’ll have a traveling experience that’s just about perfect.

1. A collapsable water bottle. Whether you’re going in a plane, train, or automobile, it’s important stay fully hydrated. Bringing a water pouch that you can fold up and pack away when you’re finished is perfect for traveling. It’s not bulky and won’t get any of your belongings wet.

2. A portable charger. Nothing can dampen good vibes while traveling quite like a dead device. Some portable chargers can give you multiple full charges, while others give your phone or tablet enough juice to get back to the hotel room.

3. A thermos. If your devices are all charged up, then you should be, too. Don’t skip your morning coffee or tea: brew your own on-the-go with a thermos like the Bodum Travel Press. You’ll get that much-needed caffeine kick without wasting any time. You’ll even save some money by avoiding expensive chains along the way.

4. A luggage tracker. No one ever wants to lose their belongings, and nothing creates anxiety quite like a checked bag. If your bag does end up on a misadventure, it can be a frustrating process tracking it down. Fortunately, now there are GPS trackers that can fit discreetly inside of your luggage, and tracked via smartphone. It’s the perfect gadget for travelers who need a little extra peace of mind.

5. TSA-approved padlocks. Speaking of peace of mind, it always helps to know that what’s inside of your luggage will still be there when you get back to your room. Padlocks work exceptionally well at securing your belongings, but make sure that the ones you choose are approved by TSA. If they aren’t, you could have a difficult time getting through security efficiently.

6. Translator. Wouldn’t you like to go anywhere in the world, and be able to understand almost anyone? In the past, you’d have to hire an actual human who spoke all of those languages. Now you don’t have to. With apps aplenty dedicated to translating any number of languages, the power is in your hands, which is pretty freeing.

7. A well-designed carry on. One of the most underrated pieces of travel tech these days is the carry on. While your average backpack might do you some good, you’re missing out on a world of potential in alternatively-designed bags. Some of them roll up, others have plenty of secret pockets. You’ll need to do some of your own research to find the bag that best fits your needs, but it’s worthwhile because you could save money by not checking any luggage on your next trip.

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  • February 16th, 2017
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