8 Great apps for visualizing interior design

Visualize Interior Design

If you want to revamp the look of your space, you don’t have to go it alone or hire a professional. In fact, all you may need to get started is your phone or tablet. Below are 10 apps that are fantastic for helping you see your newly designed interior before actually changing things around.

1. Pinterest. This one is almost a no-brainer. Save pins and create mood boards from content across the web. It’s fantastic for getting a general sense of what styles you like best, and which ones you want to avoid.

2. Designmine. This one is a bit like Pinterest, in that it allows you to pick pictures from boards that are organized by room and style. You can then create your own boards in order to mix and match colors and designs to find a style that’s all your own.

3. MagicPlan. Need the dimensions of a room? Usually you’d have to take measurements, but this app does it for you. Snap and upload a photo, and MagicPlan’s technology will calculate various distances for you.

4. Houzz. This app is akin to a massive encyclopedia of interior design. Similar to Designmine, Houzz allows you to browse millions of photos organized by style, room. and location. Save your favorites for later by adding them to your idea book. The more you add, the better the recommendations you will receive from the app’s design consultants.

5. ColorSchemer. If you think your place needs some new colors, check out this app. It’s part social community, part creative tool that allows you to plan your decor around the colors you choose.

6. Planner 5D. This interior design app allows you to choose various items from catalogs and then place them in a digitally rendered room however you want.

7. Curate. If your walls are bare, this app can help. It allows you to virtually display pieces in your home. Take a photo of the wall you want to hang art on, and Curate will display what it will look like if you were to hang it in that spot.

8. Pantone Studio. This sophisticated color picker tool allows you to capture hues from your own photos then create your own color palette. You can use this to visualize new colors against furniture and decorations in every room.

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