10 Innovative ways to bring art into your home

Innovative Art Hanging

Art is for everybody. Perhaps now more than ever, artists and art distributors alike are making it affordable for the average person to start a collection they can admire for years to come. Whether you need a jumping off point for displaying art, or just want to get more out of the pieces you have, use these ten tips for bringing art into your home in interesting ways.

1. Hang a digital art display. This pretty cool piece of tech is more than just a screen – it’s a portal to some of the best modern and classic pieces of art out there, not to mention that it’s able to display your own photos and videos, too.

2. Get an art subscription. Services like Art in a Box can provide you with original works every month. This Oakland-based organization curates art in a number of mediums from Bay Area artists, and will send you pieces based on your tastes.

3. Source pieces from local vendors. There are plenty of people creating and selling art all around you. Head to your local art fair to see what they have to offer. There might even be a local gallery selling pieces that will work perfectly in your space.

4. Hunt for pieces in those neglected places. Take a look around in unusual spots, because you never know what you might find! Whether it’s in the attic of your childhood home, at a yard or estate sale, or even at the curb, you might just be able to find something that can be salvaged.

5. Hang them low. You want to be able to enjoy the art you find. That means you need to be able to actually see it. Start by measuring 8-16 inches above your sofa or table. Where you land is where the bottom of the frame should hang.

6. Lean it. If you don’t want to go through the process of hanging a piece, you could always lean it against something. You could rest it on a table and lean it against the wall, for example.

7. Let your rooms be the inspiration. You probably already have a theme for each of your rooms (or at least a color scheme). Try to discover that theme, and collect pieces that fit into it. The more harmony there is in each of your rooms, the better it will look.

8. Make the most of your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative about where you hang your art. Of course, you don’t want to cause any damage to your home, but still feel free to play around with where you hang things.

9. Go with your favorites. The pieces that speak to you most should be the first to be displayed in your home. These will show off your personality best, and you’ll likely get more satisfaction out of seeing them every day.

10. Get personal. If you are so inclined to give it a try, you could always grab your own art supplies and make something yourself. This might not be for everyone, but it will certainly go a long way towards increasing your appreciation for the effort that goes into art!

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