10 Target hacks to make things your own

Target Hacks

Who doesn’t love Target? This store seems to have it all, and for great prices too. Just like Ikea, there are plenty of ways you can transform virtually anything from this store and turn it into something even more useful. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration.

1. Customize any dresser. Target’s furniture has a tendency to look a little basic. But that just means it’s more of a blank canvas for your creativity. A little contact paper and some interesting handles can make any of these dressers a completely unique piece.

2. Give stools a splash of color. Target’s stools can be sturdy but they lack embellishments. Find a shade of paint that fits your color scheme and add colorful accents along the edges, or go all-out and give it a new coat altogether.

3. Turn wastebaskets into funky end tables. You can come across some cool designs in Target’s home section, even when it comes to wastebaskets. Attaching a nice piece of wood (or anything else that would make a good surface) to the wastebasket can convert it into an end table that’s one-of-a-kind.

4. “Marble” top end tables. If you already have an end table in your shopping cart, make sure you pick up some contact paper on your way to the register. A marble-patterned one, in particular, can give virtually any piece some sophistication.

5. Go one step beyond and make your own “marble” bar cart. If you’ve always wanted to display your spirits proudly, give the DIY bar cart project a shot. Normally, this would be quite an undertaking, but it’s a little bit easier when you can use pre-made pieces. Simply attach wheels to any end table (preferably one with at least two shelves) or shelving unit and add accents (like contact paper) as you please for a cart that’s party-ready.

6. Hanging organizers. If you’re short on counter space, you can reduce clutter by attaching one of Target’s wire baskets to some suction or sticky hooks to the inside of a bathroom or kitchen cabinet, or both. Use them to store sponges, dish rags, and soap.

7. Floating accents. If the space above any area in your dining room, living room, or even bedroom is looking a little underwhelming, give it a bit of pizzazz with a set of ornamental urchins. While they don’t look spectacular right out of the box, spraying them with a fun shade of paint can really take them to the next level. Hang them from the ceiling with some hooks. Experiment with different lengths!

8. DIY chandeliers. If your lighting fixtures are looking a little bland, you can probably create a new one with the interesting bowls, pendants, and other decorative things from the home section. There are plenty of instructions out there on how to do this, but it’s also easy enough to create all on your own.

9. Turn blankets into decorative pillows. With the right stuffing and basic sewing skills, you can have customized pillows that fit your decor for super cheap.

10. Rolling wicker baskets. If you need some moveable storage space, the wheels-and-baskets combination is a very easy solution.

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