8 Recipes that you can make from veggies that are in season

stuffed onions

The best vegetables are the ones that are in season. But to really make them shine, they need to be used in the right recipes. We’ve compiled a list of eight great spring veggie recipes that are sure to please your palate.

1) Asparagus with Linguine and Pine Nuts. Pasta can be healthy and delicious if you use the right ingredients. Asparagus is one of them, and it works so well with pine nuts, which provide a little crunch and toasted flavor to make this a tasty meal.

2) White Pizza with Spinach. Substitute red pizza sauce with ricotta to put a different twist on a familiar meal. Lightly saute the spinach with garlic, leaving it in the pan just until it wilts. Then, top your pizza with it and finish the whole thing in the oven.

3) Mashed Pea Toast. You already know about avocado toast, but smashing peas up in a similar manner can be just as good. They can be topped with any number of spices, or dressed with light citrus juices or a little oil and vinegar. Be sure to use a substantial, crusty piece of toast.

4) Arugula Salad. Greens and spring go hand in hand. Arugula is the perfect vehicle for citrusy, acidic flavors. It also plays well with in-season fruits like strawberries, and other springtime vegetables, like radishes. Toss with a vinaigrette, and it’s table-ready in no time.

5) Avocado Tacos. Avocados have that umami flavor that can make them a satisfying replacement for meat. This vegetarian dish can be complemented with your favorite Mexican-inspired toppings, like crema, monterey jack cheese, and jalapenos.

6) Haluski. This recipe is a bit different than the others in that it uses cabbage in a heartier way. This super-simple dish calls for cabbage, egg noodles or gnocchi, salt, pepper, and plenty of butter. Cook the noodles and the cabbage separately, but simultaneously, using the butter generously on the cabbage. Combine them together, add lots of salt and pepper, and enjoy this comfort food that’s perfect for those still-chilly early spring evenings.

7) Stuffed Onions. Another comfort food, stuffed onions are a great way to turn this veggie into the star of a meal. Create the stuffing with chicken broth-moistened croutons, pepperjack cheese, and cooked sweet italian sausage, then scoop out the interiors of a few Texas Sweet or Vidalia onions, replacing them with the mixture. Bake them in the oven and enjoy their melty, bready goodness.

8) Pickled Carrots. Few things can brighten up the flavors of a dish the way pickled vegetables can. Pickled carrots, especially with dill and garlic, are great for serving as a side dish for a cookout, and can make for a wonderful snack. Blanch the carrots, then create a brine with vinegar, water, and salt. Add your spices and other flavorings, such as peppercorns and garlic, then incorporate everything in a jar, letting the flavors blend. Store them in the refrigerator to have them ready for any occasion!


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  • May 17th, 2017
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