7 Modern twists on classic summer drinks

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Summer weather calls for the appropriate drinks. Sure, an ice-cold beer always has its place on a sunny afternoon, but so do beverages that are a bit boozier. There are plenty of classic drinks that go well with the vibes that the warmer months bring, but these are merely basic platforms to build upon. Embrace the mixologist within you and whip up one of the seven following summer cocktails with an updated twist.

1) Spice up your margarita. When you’ve got sunshine and tacos, there’s really only one adult beverage that’s the perfect complement. The tangy, salty, sweet-and-sour nature of the margarita is basically summer in a glass, but it can lose some of its luster as the season moves on. Give it new life by introducing a new flavor profile in the form of hot peppers, which you can do by muddling at the bottom of your glass, or by letting them infuse with the tequila in a covered container overnight.

2) Watermelon mai tai. With rum and triple sec as the spirits anchoring the classic version of this cocktail, the incorporation of fruit flavors is basically a no-brainer. Watermelon pairs well in this case — it’s in season during the summer months, and is juicy enough on its own to easily fuse with the other flavors of the drink.

3) Tonic, with a new partner. The gin and tonic is a staple of bars basically everywhere, which makes them a go-to no matter what time of year it is. But what if you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary? Experiment by pairing spirits other than gin with tonic. A good dark rum might just do the trick, especially when you add a little lime, which plays well with all the other flavors.

4) Infuse fruit into martinis. You’ve probably seen the variety of “martinis” offered by certain bars that look more like dessert than after-work cocktails. You can make something a little more sophisticated in the comfort of your own home by adding fruit nectars to the traditional martini recipe. Experiment with dry and sweet vermouths to find the tastiest proportions.

5) Next-level gimlets. The sour and sweet combination of a gimlet is at once familiar and distinct. It’s not necessarily a drink you can spend an afternoon imbibing, but if you add fruit like cranberries, it’s enough to reinvigorate your tastebuds.

6) Blood orange negronis. If a regular negroni is a little too bitter for your taste, the addition of blood orange juice (or muddled fruit) might be the thing you need to sweeten it up while adding a refined citrus note. Garnish with rosemary as an extra twist.

7) Sweet tea julep. Mint juleps are best known as the drink of choice for the Kentucky Derby, but they’re just as enjoyable all year long. It’s super simple to make, and just as easy to revise using other flavors, like sweet tea. Just mix it in and enjoy!


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  • May 17th, 2017
  • Posted in: AVA