7 Activities to keep kids active during summer

family swimming

Remember the feelings of joy that came with the end of the school year? That final bell rung, signaling the start of months of unfettered free time and sunshine. But you probably also remember a point during your school-less summers where you were just bored. To make sure your kids’ spirits remain high, it’s a good idea to come up with some activities to keep the summer excitement going, even into the dog days. Check out the list below for some ideas.

1) Recreational sports programs. A day camp dedicated to your child’s favorite sport is a great way for them to sharpen up their skills in a structured but fun way. Not only that, they’ll get the chance to meet kids from different schools, which can build new friendships.

2) Swimming at the public pool. What better way to cool off and stay active than with a trip to the local pool? Your kids can swim laps, jump off the diving board, and play games with other kids, all while being supervised by trained lifeguards. They may even be able to catch up with friends from school.

3) Create a mini-Olympics. If everyone is up for a few hours of play, invite your children’s friends and neighbors over and arrange a friendly competition of races and games modeled after the Olympic Games. The variety of activities should be enough to keep everyone interested and active!

4) Do a fun workout routine together. With so many fitness videos available online, there are sure to be a few that you can do with your child. Basic yoga flows, kickboxing routines, and Zumba classes might just be the right blend of fun and exercise to make it worthwhile for you both. Being that you’ll do it together, you will not only get a workout, but also help your kid develop an appreciation for fitness and wellness that could last years.

5) Go on bike rides. There are probably plenty of fun and interesting places to take your kids biking, which can foster a lifelong love of the activity. From streets to trails, taking rides together is a wonderful way to make memories and teach your child about road safety. As they get older, they’ll gradually be able to use their bike to get from place to place on their own, and it will all be thanks to you.

6) Start a water fight. On those particularly sweltering days, perhaps no other activity blends refreshment and excitement quite like a water fight. Grab some water balloons, water guns, and, of course, the hose and prepare for a wet and wild battle. Don’t forget about the electronics; put them in a safe, dry spot away from the action. Set up rules, or make it a free-for-all, but just keep safety in mind.

7) Visit an indoor activity center. While we like to think of the summer as a time for perpetual sunshine, the truth is there will be some rainy days. But that doesn’t mean the activities have to end. Less than ideal weather conditions are the perfect time to pay a visit to an indoor jump house, laser tag arena, or rock climbing center. You may be able participate with your child, but if not, such centers often have adult-oriented lounges that serve coffee and allow you to observe their fun.

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