6 New exercises to try to kick off summer


With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking about summer plans. You might have your eye on a getaway, or spending weekends soaking up the sun. If you’d like to give your fitness routine a jump start, one of the best strategies is to switch up your exercises. It can keep you engaged with your fitness goals, and there’s no better time to do that than with the change of season. For some fun summer exercise ideas, take a peek at the ones we’ve compiled for you below!

1) Pool exercises. If you have access to a pool, you can incorporate a routine of laps into your schedule. If that sounds a little too mundane, grab some floating pool toys and create a new circuit of exercises. Whether you’re pulling pool noodles under the water, or doing yoga poses on a float, there are plenty of creative ways you can use the weight of your own body to gain strength and endurance.

2) Fitness hunt. Turn a normal outdoor walk into a calorie-burning adventure. Practically anywhere you go, you’ll be able to find public objects to exercise with. Try step-ups or tricep dips on a bench, pull-ups on playground monkey bars, and planks anywhere. Increase the intensity of this “scavenger hunt” by jogging or running from place to place in search of different exercises.

3) Trail running. If you’re used to running on normal streets and sidewalks, a good way to step up your game is by changing the terrain. The inclines, when combined with the uneven nature of the trail’s surface, make your body to work harder, even if you’re not running for any longer. What makes this exercise even better is that it takes you out into nature, so you can enjoy the scenery and fresh air as you work out.

4) Court aerobics. Basketball courts are in almost every neighborhood, making them the perfect place for some high-intensity interval training. The ultra-flat surface lets you do sprints, push-ups, squats and more, without worrying about turning an ankle. Bring a ball along to incorporate more basketball specific exercises for a total-body workout that can also help you improve your game.

5) Sailing or rowing. If you live by a natural water source, there’s more to enjoy than just swimming. Boat sports like kayaking or sailing are a fun to exploring nature, and they can also work your arms, legs, and core in a way that builds endurance and agility in a low-impact way.

6) Stand-up paddleboarding. It may look easy, gliding along a lake on a long, surfboard-looking piece of plastic, but this activity, otherwise known as SUP, actually makes for a fun workout. Your whole body engages while you’re on the water, helping you build your core strength, stability, and overall body control. Plus, you move through the water by paddling, which is a great way to work your arms and shoulders.


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  • May 17th, 2017
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