5 ways to refresh your apartment’s design for Spring


Spring is very nearly here. In some parts of the country, it’s still pretty cold out there, but that’s all the more reason to celebrate the coming season by refreshing your apartment’s look. Here are some tips to help your apartment shed that winter chill.

  • Emphasize Windows. With days getting longer, there’s more sunlight to go around. A light, lacy curtain will allow light to pass through — even refract — around the apartment. With a simple pull back on the sides, you can frame the window with a few curves and give an unobstructed view.
  • Consider a fresh accent wall. Sometimes picking a boring wall and giving it a fresh color can change the entire feel of a room. You can choose a lighter pastel to celebrate the season, or something a little more vibrant to spice things up. But the work of a weekend can really change the feel of your apartment in the long term.
  • Change some pictures or art on the wall. You can buy new frames for your photos, or refresh the photos with new frames, or start fresh with a whole new decoration! A few new pieces on the wall can freshen up the look of your apartment. There are even Art subscription services that you can use to get fresh artwork on a regular basis. Some even operate like a Netflix of art, allowing you to pay a monthly fee and change pieces whenever you want.
  • Get a fresh scent. There are a whole host of solutions to give your apartment the scent of Spring — in case there isn’t a garden outside your window. Check out enviroscent, Air Wick, and even DIY for some simple, non-flammable options.
  • Incorporate some flowers. Take advantage of the flora of the season and include a vase, on a coffee table or the kitchen. Maybe even consider a live plant on the window sill. Even with the windows closed, a plant is still generating fresh air and its own natural scent. Plus, with the myriad of automatic watering systems out there, it can almost take care of itself.