5 ways to dry your wet clothes – without dampening your apartment


Spring may bring warmer temps in some locations, but it brings rain everywhere, including, sometimes especially, on your shoes, clothes, coats and of course, umbrella. Nobody wants to track it into their apartment, but when you walk in the door what can you do? Here are some space and time saving solutions that will help you keep your apartment clean, comfy (and dry) during this rainy season.

  • Over the Door Hooks. There is a near infinite variety of hooks you can place over a door, so you won’t have to drill holes or mount into a wall. This way, you have a place to hang your wet raincoat immediately inside the door. Any drips are caught in your foyer, and don’t track all over your apartment.
  • Boot Tray. This handy device also comes in a variety of colors, shapes and costs to accommodate your space and design aesthetic. It keeps the water (and mess) contained, and if you’ll be going out again soon, you can even move the tray full of shoes near the heater to speed the drying process.
  • Unique umbrella stand. All that’s really required for an umbrella stand is a tall cylindrical shape. But the beauty of something with such simple requirements is that it can be anything you want. Fit any design aesthetic. Be placed anywhere. Mouted to a wall. Added to the door hook. There’s no reason this can’t be another interesting part of your apartment design.
  • Convenient slippers. On a cold rainy day, especially if it’s wet enough to get to your feet, comfort should be the first thing you feel when you walk in the door. Keep a pair of slippers at the door and you’ll go from clammy to comfy in no time.
  • The Gadget solution. If you’re not satisfied by air dry, and don’t want to waste space by the heater, of course there’s a gadget for you. A variety of shoe dryers exist on the market – some simple, some with added features to sterilize and deodorize the shoes as well. There really is a gadget for everything.