Apartment Decorating


5 Tips for Caring for Pet Fish

Goldfish are good starter pets for children due to their short life spans and relatively low-maintenance routine, but don’t mistake low maintenance for no maintenance. True, you won’t have to endure early morning wakeup calls like you would with a puppy or scoop a litter box every day as cat… Read more

red sofa

Color Schemes to Brighten Your Apartment

Painting is the easiest way to spruce up a room without pouring massive amounts of time and money into the project. Especially if you live in an apartment, you want to be careful about which hue you choose for your room. Small rooms will look even smaller if you dress… Read more

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Adding Art to Your Walls

When it comes to embellishing a new apartment, a lot of people jump right to painting and buying new furniture. There’s a simpler way to gussy up a new place, though: add some art to the walls. Purchasing art can be intimidating, especially if your idea of “art” sticks exclusively… Read more